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Terminal Treatment and Care
      En Chu Kong Hospital Founding Director and Buddhist Lotus Hospice Care Foundation Founding Director of the Board, Dr. Chen Rong-Chi was born in Hsinchu City Buddhist family. He lost his father at two and his mother is a vegetarian Buddhist. He relied on his mother, brother and sister at home. At school, the inspiration and lessons from teachers and classmates were essential for his improvement. He always graduated the first in his class since Hsinchu Normal College Elementary School , Hsinchu Middle School to Taiwan University Medical School . After he started working, he was brought to the top by many good people and professionals from Taiwan University Hospital Neurological Department Head Professor, Medical Vice Director, En Chu Kong Hospital Founding Director, Taiwan Hospice Organization Chief, Customer Cultural and Educational Foundation Chief of Supervisors, Lotus Foundation Founding Director of the Board. In his life, people worship and praise him for his accomplishment but he is very modest and thanks to a world full of grateful people. Dr. Chen likes to mention Taiwan University Morning Sunlight Student Association when he studied there also followed the trend of Buddhism study. During the 32 years of work in Taiwan University Hospital , he founded Taiwan University Hospital Ci k uang Buddhism Association and organized members in every hospital Buddhism association to set up “Buddhist Medical Staff Association”. Then, the “Buddhist Lotus Hospice Care Foundation” was founded to work on terminal treatment and care through the help of Taoist priest to assist patient's moderate terminal care.
      Chen Rong-Chi studies medicine and Buddhism for love. He opens a Buddhist altar, terminal scripture reading room and slow treatment ward in Taiwan University Hospital . In 2000, he joined the legislation of “Terminal Slow Treatment Rules” to give us the right of DNR. In order to improve spiritual care in terminal care hospital room, Lotus Foundation starts clinical religious counselor training. It is expected that every Buddhist wants Taoist priest reading scriptures when the time comes and reaches for a better place in Western soil. The mission to study medicine and Buddhism is followed by many believers.
Without Chen Rong-Chi, Taiwan Neurological Medicine is not the same.
      Dr. Chen insists to accomplish a dream for his teacher Dr. Chen Kwang-ming and founds Taiwan Neurological Society to participate in the operation of international neurological medicine association. Several years of work to maintain the international status of neurological society, he helps the founding of Taiwan Neurological Society for fundamental neurological medicine colleagues during the time when he is the chief so that the neurological society gradually develops and has new branches such as neurological surgical department, pediatric neurological department, neurological radiation department, stroke, epilepsy, and movement obstacle society. He also founded Acta Neurologica Taiwanica editor in chief to actively promote neurological medicine study
      Dr. Chen assisted teacher Prof. Hong Zu-pei in Taiwan University Hospital and medical school to separate neurological psychiatric department into neurological department and psychiatric department. He builds up the foundation for the independent development of neurological science in our clinical and medical education. Thereafter, the Ministry of Education starts to have neurological medical education curriculum.
      Dr. Chen returned to Taiwan after studying abroad. He has revolution ary changes on clinical and teaching system in Taiwan University Hospital Neurological Department such as on the next day of brainwave check-up, the attending physician would instruct resident physician to read and immediately finish the report. To make sure the attending physician would return to hospital room next day giving resident physician and interns instructions for treatment. To assure the attending physician would return to hospital room at least once everyday instead of once every week in old system. New systems would gradually practice in every department in Taiwan University Hospital . By way of hospital evaluation system, the everyday return visit from attending physician must be followed by all.
Guan g ong Opens En Chu Kong Hospital --- the First “Full Responsible Nursing Management”
      After invited by Hsing Tian Kong Foundation Director of the Board Huang Chung-chen, Dr. Chen and 79 Taiwan University Hospital colleagues founded Taipei County SanHsia Town En Chu Kong Hospital and became the founding director to start “full responsible nursing management” based on the principle of "focus on people and treat disease as a friend” and fulfill the dream of wife, Chou Chao-fang (the former Taiwan University Hospital Nursing Head). To recruit housewife in San h sia and Yin gg e districts for 42 volunteer workers in hospital room, the classrooms in San h sia Junior High School was borrowed for training the new recruits to become assistants for patients. It was a pioneer practice so that the En Chu Kong Hospital patients no longer need the company of relatives and 2~3,000 dollars nursing fee every day. The nursing staff in white dress and the assistants in purple dress would appear in every corner of En Chu Kong Hospital so as to add a friendly warmth and harmony between doctors and patients. The medical staff sent by Vietnam Yue d ao Hospital come to En Chu Kong Temple every year to learn and for internship training. It opens a diplomatic medical conversation.
Terminal Treatment and Care Together Walk through the Valley.
      Dr. Chen organizes the Buddhists in the medical circle and founds Buddhist Lotus Hospice Care Foundation; then, he becomes the founding director of the board. It joins the terminal care and moderate medicine movement.
      During the time when he was Taiwan University Hospital Medical Vice Director, he started terminal ill patient scripture reading room and gradually introduced to the other hospitals. Many Buddhists may receive eight hours of scripture reading when they are terminal ill in the hospital. The moderate medicine in Taiwan University Hospital starts a prosperous development of terminal care and moderate medical treatment.
      Dr. Chen actively participates in the legislation of “terminal care and moderate medical treatment rules” to give patients the right to choose DNR. Lotus Foundation manages the training sessions for terminal care volunteer worker and religious counselor. It starts a rare training system that Buddhist priest participates in hospital clinical care and also promotes life education and the introduction of “prior agreement for terminal care and moderate medical treatment form”. This agreement is also written on the health insurance IC card so that the doctor would respect patients wish and assist the moderate terminal treatment. It also reduces medical dispute so that terminal care and treatment together walk with the patients through the dark valley.
Doctors and patients work together to promote medical ethic education.
      Dr. Chen is a pioneer for customer protection. He was a chief of supervisors in Customer Cultural and Educational Foundation for several years. He realizes the pain caused by medical mistakes and disputes brought by both doctors and patients and the loss to the society. In 1990, he was working on a national survey of medical dispute a n d published “Taiwan Medical Dispute and Its Management” two volumes (Healthy World Series, 1993). He proposes “Medical Dispute Management” for government to consider a policy. For several years, he works on the advertisement, introduction and education of medical dispute and ethics. Through hospital evaluation, important methods to increase patients' safety and reduce mistakes are listed in hospital evaluation items such as patient ID, surgical position ID, image mark for right and left, notification of exam/check for danger value, medication ID and warning, DNR wish IC card registration and reading so that the medical environment can be a safer and warmer place.
Hospital Evaluation, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
      For a long time, Dr. Chen is invited to be a member in Ministry of Health hospital evaluation and also joins the tasks in several counsel committees. He is a counselor in hospital evaluation and medical quality improvement association. He introduces the new hospital evaluation system and teaching hospital evaluation system. Through a joint effort, the evaluation system is expected to be more completed, hospital quality would continuously improve and patient safety has more protection. More than five hundred evaluation items are listed to provide a precious guideline for hospital management.
To Create a World of Love for Alzheimer Seniors
      Dr. Chen founded Taiwan Alzheimer's Disease Association and became the founding director to create a world full of love for Alzheimer seniors. He actively introduces and fights for medical care improvement, participation of international activities. He reminds government organization and social welfare office to focus on long-term care for Alzheimer patients. It is expected that we can follow the examples of Australia and Korea to include Alzheimer as a national health priority item. After three years, we finally became a formal member in Alzheimer Disease International and got the right to host 2008 Asia Pacific International Alzheimer Association.
Taiwan Explores the World for Medical Diplomacy.
      When Dr. Chen was En Chu Kong Hospital Director, he was invited by Ministry of Diplomacy, Ministry of Health and the representative stationed in Vietnam to sign collaborative education agreement with Vietnam Viet Duc University Hospital . Every year, more than sixty doctors, nursing, medical examiner and administrative staff (more than 300 medical staff in the hospital) successfully promote medical diplomacy between Taiwan and Vietnam . Those who received the training have been promoted as Yue d ao Hospital Administrative Vice Director and Planning Head to help the improvement of medical treatment and teaching system. It greatly raises medical standards and also encourages the interaction between our Vietnam representative and the director of Vietnamese Ministry of Health.
      In order to express thanks to Dr. Chen's contribution, in 2010, the Vietnam Ministry of Health leadership awarded him the highest honorable medal --- Contribution to People's Health Award”, the first given to a foreign doctor.