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Break through Dereism, Play for a Beautiful Life
      Chopin Valse Opus 64 No. 1 and Grande Valse Brilliante in E flat, Beethoven Sonata in G, Richard Clayderman Lyphard Melody and Dream Wedding are smoothly flowing through the air. Who can believe they come from a child who suffers from dereism and ADHD, Wang Jung-chien? He was diagnosed of dereism when he was little and had ADHD symptoms such as concentration and communication problems. Along with his parents, he works very hard to search for his talent and finally he finds music as his savior.
Surprising News of “Dereism” Diagnosis
      Wang Jung-chien was born in Las Vegas State Hospital in the U.S. in 1999; three months later, his father, Dr. Wang Teng-he completed his medical study in the U.S. and returned to Taiwan . When he was four, Dr. Wang's relative who is a psychiatric doctor found Jung-chien very quiet. He discovered that the child had communication problem and often walked on his toes. He suggested his mother to bring him for professional diagnosis. After the evaluation of Women and Children Hospital Early Treatment Center Dr. Weng Ching-ching, he was diagnosed of medium dereism.
      In kindergarten, he always run around and was not able to sit quietly in his seat and finish any class assignment, homework or artwork. His oral expression is not good so he cannot interact with the normal kids or make conversations. Under the loving care of kindergarten teachers, they find he is very sensitive to voices. In the classroom, he always looks at the organ; once he hears the voice of organ, he would come and sit beside the teacher with his ears close to the organ. Then, he would stare at the pedal and feel the music.
His Nature of Music Talent
      His mother, Tung Wen-ping, brought Jung-chien to look for good teacher, hoping his talent can be discovered. Due to his hyperactivity, he often run around and knocked on keyboard. Piano teachers would not want to accept him as a student; they said: “He is a small kid. Try again when he is older. Please bring him home!” Although no one wanted to teach him, he had a performance in kindergarten graduation ceremony --- an aboriginal dance. He surprised many people; teachers and parents thought he was the best performer.
      As early as in kindergarten, he was found music talent. However, the process to look for tutor was difficult. They were helpless. His mother bought him an electronic piano for him to play. He would stand beside the piano for one to two hours. He knew how to adjust and press the keys on the piano; once the music started, his eyes followed the LED light flashing on the keys. One day, already a 1 st grader, he played the piano for too long and his mother got angry so turn off the LED light. Unexpectedly, he played the entire “Christmas Bells” without any mistake. His mother was very surprised so she decided to find a tutor to teach him.
A Difficult Decision to Give Up
      Due to circumstances, his mother met a church pianist, Kuo Ling-yu, who was a music major but had talent and love for music. After she was told Jung-chien's condition, Ling-yu accepted this extraordinary difficult task. Jung-chien was under Ling-yu's music influence for more than three years and had basic knowledge on music theory and finger skills.
      In October 2008 , the “4 th National Mental Challenged Talent Contest Primary”, his mother brought Jung-chien for a try. She said: “Can he do it? Is he able to play piano alone on the stage? How to get on the stage or off the stage? Will he be scared? Will he be terrified?” Many questions came for her and troubled her for several nights. She could not sleep and finally she decided to let go and let him give it a try! This may be an opportunity for him, an opportunity for him to grow and have confidence. Everyone should give hardworking Jung-chien a way to prove himself.
Two Contests that Build Up Confidence
      After the discussion with teachers, he was urged to go on stage and sit on the chair although teachers thought it was too early. However, it was a chance for him to experience a real competition. As expected, he was unwilling to play and started to find mommy. The volunteer worker reminded him to play the piano so he began playing. Once his hands touched the keyboard, music flowed to the audience who opened their eyes and listened carefully. Suddenly, cameras and camcorders started taking pictures. His mother thought: “My God. Now, he cannot concentrate on playing.” He turned and smiled to the cameras with his feet shake n, and the body movement following the rhythm as if he fell in love with the music.
      His mother gave him half tablet of “Litaneng” before the contest since she knew he would get very excited and hyperactive. After his performance, he fell asleep on his mother. Then, the other more than twenty competitors took turns to get on stage. He slept through the entire contest. When they announced the results, his family shouted with joy as his name was called the first place in the primary on the sleepy eyes did not understand what was going on. One month later when the national finals came, strong competitors finally met and the pressure was greater. He lost some points due to personal style and appearance problems and only got the second place. However, he was the only recipient for a special award “the best charming performer” and the judge made a comment --- “confident and unique charming on stage” --- the best encouragement for him.
      After two contests, he is more confident. Moreover, it proves Jung-chien's talent in music. Encouraged by many people, he again participated in a official “2008 Stan Bach Music Contest” that acknowledged by musicians. All participants were from the tops. Many kids the same age had learnt piano for four to five years. He still searched for mommy while playing and sh ook his head and feet. His mother was very worried about his performance; however, she told herself that this was another experience for him and the result was not important. Surprisingly, when the results were announced, Jung-chien proudly received the first place. This again proved his ability and talent in music.
“Troublemaker's” “Risk” Becomes “Little Musician's” “Turning Point”
      Jung-chien is a very special child. When he was very little, he was interested in pushing buttons such as calculator, telephone, elevator buttons, remote control, keyboard and even the emergency exit button in bus station. He likes to push those buttons. If his mother did not warn him repeatedly, there could be siren wherever he was going. His mother then has to go to police station with the trouble maker Jung-chien. Due to his absolute sonic sense and the desire to press the keys , his mother transfers his attention to piano. Now, Jung-chien can memorize vividly and play the entire song after he reads the music score for several times. He can also work with a kid who is younger than he and together play a song.
      Nearly four years after teacher Kuo Ling-yu taught Jung-chien, she was not able to continue due to her age. Jung-chien could not find teachers at the time. Fortunately, an intern in Zhong Zheng Elementary School , teacher Chen Yi-ling, knew his condition and decided to take the challenging job. She was enthusiastic to assist and help Jung-chien every week so that his talent in music continued. Later on, he received numerous awards. In “2010 the 5 th Handicapped Talent Contest” individual group, he was in the first place in Northern region and a national second place. In group performance group, he won the first place in Northern region and a national first place. However in “2010 National Handicapped Music Contest” Youth Group final, his mother did not correctly remember title of the songs they wanted to play so his points were deducted and he finished the third among all competitors. In the 6 th Asia Pacific Cup Music Contest, he won the second place among normal competitors. He also was invited on October 31, 2010 to perform with a big brother, Mr. Huang Yu-hsiang (a blind student) in “Music Love Piano Concert” held in Taipei City Youth Recreation Center .
Not Afraid of Challenge, Love without Barriers.
      Jung-chien is the oldest in the family. He has one brother and sister. His younger brother is a dereism patient. He has to learn to finish homework independently and know time management. Jung-chien is very considerate; although he is also a moderate dereism patient he knows it is very hard to take care of his brother. He always listens to what his mother says and finishes the homework no matter how many and difficult they are. Sometimes, he would complain “So difficult”. Mostly, he finishes them in time. In addition to playing piano, he also learns typing and drums, hoping he can have more opportunities for work in the future.
      He does not speak very fluently and says: “I want to become a musician when I grow up.” Our family will continue the support for the kids and hope the government would provide sufficient resources for these special children with potential to develop their talents, his mother says.
“Educational Care Award”
      “Break through the adversity and work on your dreams”. Jung-chien received “Educational Care Award” this year. He works very hard to show his outstanding qualities instead of his disadvantages. We see resilience and persistence that give us all an inspiration.