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Needle Tube Worrier --- Chen Chuan-Ken
Swim for Better Score, Color Paint the Life
      National Dong Hwa University Department of Art Deign Chen Chuan-Ken was diagnosed of Type 1 diabetes at six and needs insulin shots everyday. He began to give himself insulin shots since 3 rd grade in elementary school. Supported by his parents and teachers, he kept his high school academic record at top three in class and, at the same time, he was active to pursue his interests in calligraphy, swimming and painting and got awards constantly. In the 2 nd grade high school year, his water paint work on a chef concentrating on cooking won a world champion in youth group of a global painting contest that focused on diabetic patients.
Face the Unknown, Love without Lonliness.
      Born in 1991, at age 6, Chen Chuan-Ken suddenly lost weight and his urine attracted ants. His parents took him to nearby medical exam center for a check-up and found type one diabetes (the insulin dependent type). At the time, he did not concern about the disease; until he learnt that he must take blood sugar test at least four times a day and insulin treatment, he realized that the sickness will follow him all his life.
      Starting from the 3rd grade in elementary school, he has learnt to test blood sugar and insulin injection. There was one time that he was injected with too much insulin and fainted; fortunately, his family was there giving him candies so his blood sugar returned to normal. His family cares for his health in every possible way. His grandma prepares low sodium low fat lunch box that brought to school by his father because he cannot enjoy school lunch with his schoolmates. His father learns to swim and becomes a coach since he heard exercise can regulate blood sugar and arranges everyday appropriate training. Now, he swims everyday to stay healthy and becomes a member of the high school swimming team. He also gets awards in various swimming competitions.
Fight for the Honor Bravely, Color Paint Beautiful Life.
      He has had art talent in painting since the 5th grade in elementary school. Teachers encourage him to paint although his parents did not have any art background. His art interests include water paint and acrylic colors; gradually, he is confident of his work and searches for competition information that posted online. He actively participates in all kinds of painting contests and receives numerous awards. In 2007 Roche Medical Instrument the 5 th ACCU-CHEK global painting contest, the subject was “my favorite food". Participants had their food fantasy on painting. Using watercolor and commercial colors, his painting was a scene when a chef concentrated on his gourmet cooking. His painting displayed food desire of every diabetic patient and became the first to win a global champion in Roche painting contest youth group. The cash award was 5,000 Euro (nearly NT$234,000) scholarship. He used the money for watercolor materials and sponsored his grandpa who drove him to class to purchase a new car. Diabetes is a pain in his life but he learns to deal with it. He also learns to get along and become friends with the disease. Using painting to express their interaction, his inspiration comes from his diabetic condition.
      It has been twelve years since Chuan-Ken first got the symptom. He has gone through psychological panic and fear because of family's support and his hobbies on calligraphy, painting and swimming. Painting leads him a way to a bright future; so, he expects that he can get a lifeguard license and help more people.