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Defy the Disease and Help the Others
      In University of Asia graduation ceremony, Chen Ming-che represents all graduates to give a speech. He says: “Although difficulties and obstacles often accompany me in learning and development, I deeply believe that the reason I have the opportunity to stand here and share with you the joy of graduation is that I, being a brave survivor, confront frustration with a strong heart.
      University of Asia Digital Media Design Graduate School Chen Ming-che has critical brain paralysis and multiple handicapped serious muscular dysfunctional. He can only sit on a wheelchair because his sport nerves are extremely not coordinated. It takes him a lot of effort to speak and he has only reflective movements. Under the loving care of parents and two sisters, he completed class session in every stage step by step since he was 15 years old. He has obtained several computer professional certificates and receives technician certification from Ministry of Labor. He is about to graduate from University of Asia Digital Media Graduate School and he expects to use his expertise and help people like him so that they also have a chance to go on with their life.
Ming-che was rejected from admission because of critical brain paralysis.
      Born in 1978, Chen Ming-che has critical brain paralysis, multiple handicapped and serious muscular dysfunctional. Doctor considers this condition “critical retarded”. He can only sit on a wheelchair because his sport nerves are extremely not coordinated. It takes him a lot of effort to speak and he has only reflective movements. Limited by current social welfare system, he cannot receive better early-stage treatment and his body condition is not able to function like a normal kid; for a long period of time, he was rejected by schools.
      Although Ming-che has several handicaps, his parents Chen Wan-nian and Chen Huang Yue-yuan and his sisters Chen Hsiu-yu and Chen Hsiu-chen support him in every way. Their unconditional love and support during his later schooling have become Ming-che's power source to overcome difficulties and confront frustration.
Reverse the Destiny --- College for the Day and Elementary School for the Night
      Before 15, Ming-che stayed home all day and was rejected from school. He was not able to study with kids the same age. His big sister Chen Hsiu-yu who studied at Soochow University Department of Chinese and the other sister Chen Hsiu-chen who studied in Department of Psychology would never forget when they were very little that Ming-che could only stay at home to spend the entire day when they went to school. On September 20, 1993, two sisters wanted to help him walk out of the front door and see the world; this was a big day for a big decision. They decided to take him to Soochow University to audit in class in order to expand his vision and also to take care of him.
      Ming-che asked his sisters to go to school like the other kids. He and sisters went to Soochow University to audit classes and have contact with people in daytime; at night, he would go to Shetze Elementary night school program. He finally got his first student ID! For him, this is a great encouragement! He and two sisters together spend “the day to study in university and the night to study in elementary school”. Three of them support and help each other; they enjoy many happy hours and also hardships that seldom mention to others. Their life is meaningful and solid.
Break through handicap barrier. Absorb knowledge like a sponge.
      After graduating from Shetze Elementary night school program, he got admitted to Da-an Junior High night school program. His learning process is very difficult. He cannot write using pen, cannot read using his hands and cannot move around freely. His movement is slow and exhausting. The gradual heavy burden from schoolwork surprisingly has made him happy. He always does his best to handle all kinds of learning barrier due to handicap because he cherishes the precious opportunity! He is optimistic and open-minded. Although his life used to be very alone, his passion of life and desire for learning cannot be discouraged by the adversity. Thus, when opportunity comes, he is like a seed about to germinate and actively absorb sunshine and rain water for growth.
      After graduation from junior high, he got admitted in Dong Fang Engineering and Business Vocational School night school program data processing branch. He cannot use his hands and his legs; fortunately, he has a good tool, that is, a computer! His hands cannot operate keyboard and mouse so how to key in is a big problem for him. Through the help of Normal University Department of Special Education teacher Wang Hua-pei and sisters' assistance to find resources, he can finally use computer. A world of computer is not restricted from handicap people. It is a blessing for him to use computer! He is able to create his own world in the information field as long as he uses accessories.
      During the time when he studied in high school, Ming-che used to register for the National Handicapped Student Information Skills Contest sponsored by Ministry of Education. He repeatedly received excellence award in high school team. Twice award experiences have made him more confident and he begins to try website design. Luckily, his first website design is awarded by Executive Yuan Information Strategy and Improvement Bureau and receives the 5 th Information Sunflower Award. In the eve of graduation, he gets award from the President “the 3 rd President Education Award”. To him, the special honor is meaningful. It shows that his effort for all these years is recognized and his academic achievement is also approved by others.
Use “Courage and Persistence” to Overcome Cruelty in the Real World.
      Ming-che is brave and strong. Sister Chen Hsiu-yu says: “I have not seen him cry. The only time is at university academic test.” When he left the examination room, he cried and said: “I know the answer but I did not have enough time”. He is a critical brain paralysis patient. His muscular condition does not allow him to write with his hands. The only way is to operate a track ball using jaws from computer screen keyboard to type slowly. Before the examination, sisters fought for “verbal help to write” and had several negotiations with the examination committee. But their answer is always the same. Based on the fairness of the exam, handicapped students can only have twenty more minutes than the other normal students. For a handicapped student like him, it is a rigid regulation to follow. Ming-che does not complain and has no frustration; being brave and courageous, he can easily overcome the difficulties in the real world!
      After graduating from Dong Fang Engineering and Business Vocation School , he got admitted in China University of Technology Department of Information and Mass Communication. Although he needs sister's company, he enjoys the feeling of self-esteem and confidence. He is thankful to his parents and sisters' devotion. He also returns by a good report. In 2007, he graduated the first from China University of Technology and later on he got admitted by Fo Guang University and University of Asia.
Representative of Graduation Speech
      He chose University of Asia as a place for learning and growth. Since he studied in university, his sister Chen Hsiu-yu who studies in Normal University Ph.D. program and he live in school dormitory. His sister takes care of him who is on wheelchair, study with him till the completion of schoolwork. The process is very difficult; their family love touches people. His persistence to learn is also respectful. He also attended Ministry of Labor Occupational Training Bureau Taichung Changhua and Nantou region employment service center “College Chinese and English Resume Competition” and won the first place in Chinese group. In order to prove that he is capable of having a job, he also passed webpage design and commercial design professional certification. In June 2010, he graduated from University of Asia Digital Media Graduate School and represented all graduates to deliver a speech. His sister also received University of Asia founder Tsai Chang-hai proud and special honor of “Founder's Special Award”
Care for the Disadvantaged and Love for the Others

      Specially, when he passed the graduate school entrance exam, for a continuing thirteen years his focus was on schoolwork. He did not take good care of his body for a very long time. Due to doctor's suggestion, he stopped his study for one year and went for a basic rehabilitation program. During the year, in addition to active rehabilitation training program, he also joined Diyagio group “keepwalking dream sponsor program” project contest. He won a million dollars by submitting a “Digital Protective Studio” project. Because he had suffered from rejection of schooling, he has deep concern for people like him who lose social contact because of their condition. He hopes the program would help them stimulate their potential by using computers and build up their confidence so they have chances to prove they are valuable to this society. His big love has set an excellent example to help handicapped, which is meaningful.