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Breakthrough to Color Paint the Life
      Kaohsiung City SanMing Home Economic Comprehensive Program (special education class) Lin Huan-tang cannot speak at two and can only say papa and mama at three. After checking with the doctor, he was diagnosed of developmental delay and he fell behind of regular child in language and IQ. Thus, his parents Lin Hung-hsiang and Chiu Mei-chi, started the journey with him in order to make a breakthrough of the barrier. Under the loving care of his parents, he finds the way to express himself in the world of painting. He successfully got admitted in SanMing Home Economic School . Recognized and encouraged by the school principle Huang Xiu-yi and teacher Lin Shu-hui, he has individual exhibit and is awarded handicapped special talent contest --- visual art category high school team [painting] the first place and several times recognized by the mayor. In addition, he learns clay pottery and swimming. He gets certified in Chinese keyboard input practical level and he also shows the persistence and hardworking; thus, he is a “dereism hero”.
Overcome the Imperfection; Face the Challenge.
      Born in 1992, Lin Huan-tang was a premature due to childbirth delay. The doctor had an emergency C-section in the middle of the night after his mother got admitted to the hospital to speed the child delivery. His development was unexpectedly not smooth. He cannot speak until 2; he can say papa and mama at 3. After he was diagnosed of developmental delay by Kaohsiung Chang Geng Children Hospital , he started to receive therapy of perception organization and language. It also was a beginning of ten long years of training. However, it helps him very little to have forty minutes therapy session in the hospital every week. His progress is very slow. Thus, the loving parents brought Huan-tang to look for hope from doctors. Finally, they find the professional perception organization training place. They also purchase training equipments such as slide, turntable and swings at home so as to make more progress.
      When he was in 1 st grade in elementary school, he was afraid of firecrackers and school dancing dragon gongs and drums. He often hided under desk and was not able to concentrate in class. After psychological review and evaluation, he was diagnosed of hyperactivity. His parents were advised to have him repeat the 1 st grade schoolwork but he needs a disability manual. Thus, his parents again brought him to Kaohsiung Medical University ZhongHe Hospital ; he was diagnosed of developmental delay and he was left far behind of regular child in language and IQ. However, it shows normal in non-verbal category. The hospital issued dereism disability manual which is effective for a year. One year later, it shows the same result in the second examination. After hospital issues report, it is difficult for his parents to accept the fact that their child has mental disability. The process to be with their child is a life challenge.
Paint the Hope. Swim with confidence.
      In elementary school, Huan-tang was refused to be admitted to after-school class. His parents did not give up hope that he could develop more skills. An art teacher was willing to accept him as student. Thus, he starts the first step in art. After class, he would ask the art teacher more questions and hire family teacher to teach him water color, cartoonist to teach him drawing. Teachers approve that he has art talents and encourage him to expand his horizon in art. This is, no doubt, an important step for him to enter the door of art.
      In school swimming session, he was assigned to resource class due to the reason that he was a mental disable student. In order to accomplish in swimming, he and his brother was brought by their parents to learn swimming in the summer of elementary 5 th grade. In ten classes, his brother learnt breast stroke, free-style two items, 20 classes butterfly stroke and also face-up stroke. On the other hand, he still is spinning at the same place in ten classes. Ten more classes and ten more classes, finally, he learnt breast stroke at the 30 th class. The swimming coach was so happy: “I finally teach him, a special child, how to swim.” He not only achieves his dream and show the persistence and his effort. For now, he can do breast stroke and free-style.
      At the 1 st grade in junior high, Huan-tang decided to give up ten years perception organization therapy due to schoolwork and age. His parents find a gallery in the neighborhood so that every week he can have two lessons of pastel color painting. The summer when he was going to the 3 rd grade in junior high, his parents were notified to participate in teacher-student joint exhibit. His parents could not believe that he could copy paintings of famous painters. He can also do object. Teacher gives him pictures of painting so that he has the idea to copy the work; then, he starts to add personal thinking and style. In a world of painting, he walks out of dark side and finds confidence and interest for a sunny and fabulous life.
Love and Company, Color Painting Colorful World.
      In the eve of junior high graduation, he got admitted to the first desirable school --- SanMing Home Economic Comprehensive Function Program (special education class) due to school teacher's assistance. Later on, he was acknowledged and encouraged by SanMing Home Economic School principle Huang Xiu-yi and teacher Lin Shu-hui to have his first individual exhibit on school anniversary celebration. In March 2009, he was awarded Kaohsiung City Government Ministry of Education Mental Disable Special Talent Contest – Subject is Kaohsiung World Sport Event in art category high school team [painting] the first place to reassure his achievement. He also receives several certificates from Kaohsiung City resident drawing school to acknowledge his talent. Since 1 st grade in high school, every week two class sessions for pottery opens his eyes to the world of clay. Although he has done ugly works on house, car and station, it shows his interests and inner thinking.
      Not good at words to express himself does not mean he does not understand. He is a treasure in the family due to his straightforward personality and a happy guy in class because of his smile. He also is classmate's best partner because he listens very carefully. He is very gentle, although he keeps to himself, and he does not argue and make excuses. Being a diligent and hardworking student, he turns in school assignment on time and he achieves the goal if the assignment is divided among different students; therefore, he gets several certificates and model student honor. His verbal expression is questionable; however, after practice, the reading speed has improved. The most proud thing is that, in school practice Chinese typing, his constant practice has brought him a certificate within a semester. The learning journey of his is what he really wants so that he learns everything with joy; it also accomplishes his dream and creates his own creative world.