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Never giving up after paralysis, all the way to the doctorate
       National Sun Yat-sen University Department of Finance student Chang Yi-chia was paralyzed 11 years ago due to a car accident, but he worked hard at rehabilitation during the day, and studied hard at night. With the care and accompaniment of his parents, all the way from undergraduate at Li De University to master’s program, helping to take notes, Yi-chia graduated with the outstanding grades of first place; in 2010 Yi-chia even tested into the Doctoral Program in the Department of Finance, National Sun Yat-sen University with excellent grades, in order to complete his dream of continuing to explore deep and broad professional fields. Thus, Chang Yi-chia has overcome full paralysis, and works with diligence and optimism; he is certainly a “paralyzed doctor.”

Building dreams in youth
      Chang Yi-chia is a man born in 1981. Yi-chia has always been a good and understanding child. Even though his academic performance was not particularly striking, he knew of his parents’ hard work and what they have done for him, so Yi-chia never let his parents worry about him.

      In middle school, even though Yi-chia had serious academic pressure, he also cultivated deep feelings with his peers. Yi-chia learned with his classmates, but after class would also play ball together.

      After the results of the university examinations were released, Yi-chia tested into Da Yeh University. Just as he was getting ready to experience the fun of university life, a sudden and severe car accident became the biggest turning point in the life of Yi-chia.

Serious accident, paralysis of limbs
      On March 9, 2000, as Yi-chia was looking for a place to live during university, he was in a serious car accident. The classmate who was riding with Yi-chia died, and Yi-chia was seriously injured. The next day when he awoke, Yi-chia was still in the intensive care unit, and almost could not move from head to toe, and could not speak. He could only breathe with the help of medical instruments.

      Finally, Yi-chia was out of danger. However, because the 4th, 5th, and 6th cervical vertebrae were injured, the nerves in his neck were damaged. Movement and feelings were seriously affected under the neck, resulting in paralysis of the limbs. After Yi-chia found out, he fell into deep sadness and despair, and had to lie in bed for more than two years.

      However, after the major operation, there was massive pain. Yi-chia’s body showed abnormalities due to nerve damage – abnormally hot or cold feelings, hoping to move the body but there is no response. Each day, he experiences despair and mental torture without end. With the encouragement and support of her family, Yi-chia expressed his ambition: “The others have not given up, and I should not give up on myself like this.”

New beginning, return to school
      After the massive change in life, Yi-chia began thinking about and planning his future life. After long-term rehabilitation, Yi-chia’s physical functions began to return, which was a major encouragement to Yi-chia and his family.

      Thus, Yi-chia started thinking about his goals in the next stage – learning computer abilities. He thought that if he was to join society, computer abilities would be an indispensable knowledge. Although Yi-chia learned some computer abilities, his desire for knowledge was not yet satisfied. At this time, compared to when he just started learning about computers, Yi-chia’s physical condition had improved considerably, so he decided to complete his university life, which had been put on hold due to the accident.

Parents helped with his efforts at doctoral studies
      In 2003, Yi-chia applied to enter Department of International Business Management, Li De University. During university years, Yi-chia continued rehabilitation, and was only able to work at night. His father drove and his mother helped with studies, so the whole family went to school together. In the classroom, Yi-chia cannot hold a pen, so the mother acts as the secretary taking notes; after going home, Yi-chia enters the notes into the computer with one finger, and reorganizes them. If the course uses English books, in class Yi-chia spells the English words, and his mother writes them out line by line. Four years are like one day, and Yi-chia expressed his gratitude, saying: “How could I not work hard and study!” Thus, Yi-chia graduated university in first place, continued with the masters, and graduated in first place again. In 2010, he was admitted by the Doctoral Program, Department of Finance, National Sun Yat-sen University. On the road to the future, Yi-chia believes that with family support and his own perseverance, he will continue toward his faith and also give back to others.