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Pain of Multiple Sclerosis
Optimistically Facing Weakness
      Even though waking up causes her to lose part of her body, she still does good following the example of Chen Shuju

       “Maybe in the next second my heart will stop.” Chiu Ching-ying said. In fourth grade in elementary school, she was discovered to have a rare disease, “multiple sclerosis,” and multiple complications made her illness very unstable. When Ching-ying was 10 years old, she suddenly found that her autoimmune system was chaotic, causing her to have problems with parts of her body sometimes when she woke up, or she would even be debilitated. Currently, Ching-ying’s optic nerves have atrophied, and she only has half of his sight, 1/3 of her esophagus, and needs a catheter to urinate. A few months before, after emergency care, all of the sudden she could not speak. For 10 years, she optimistically faced a rare disease with no cure, but still emulated charitable grandma Chen Shuju, donating 4800, which she saved over the years, to encourage aborigines in the mountainous areas to study hard. Thus, Chiu Ching-ying saw every day as the last day, living in hope, transforming illness to love, and doing good; she is a “rare diseases angel.”

“Critical condition” every day and still cherishing each minute and second of life
      Chiu Ching-ying is a woman born in 1994. Ching-ying is petite, speaks slowly, and her hands tremble a little. She cannot stand for long, and can only see on her right half. She has hearing aids in her ears, but these things do not diminish her smile. Before fourth grade, Ching-ying was a happy and lively little girl, but she was discovered to have a rare disease “multiple sclerosis,” as well as complication such as epilepsy, optic nerve inflammation, sensorineural hearing loss, and connective tissue chronic disease; these diseases have greatly changed Ching-ying’s life.

      Since Ching-ying has problems with her autoimmune system, it frequently attacks its own organs and tissues because it is confused about who the enemy is. Sometimes, after Ching-ying wakes up, she would be missing some physical functions. Even though her illness is continuously whittling away Ching-ying’s body, every day she is in “critical condition.” Ching-ying still says optimistically, “every day is a bonus for me.” Her diaries are full of optimistic thoughts, describing how she would try to go to class at school when her physical condition is better, so she can learn with her classmates.

Deep emotions between mother and daughter, daughter comforts mother
      Ching-ying was raised by her single mother on her own. When she was sick, her mother was Ching-ying’s greatest source of support. Even though Ching-ying has this unpredictable disease, which has caused her a lot of inconvenience, but she had no complaints, even thinking that her mother who takes care of her has to work harder. She would turn around and comfort her mother: “it’ll be better soon.”

      Mrs. Chiu said with red eyes: “for anyone else, if they find that they have a terminal disease, and they are losing their physical functions, I don’t know how afraid they would be? But Ching-ying is very strong, she has learned to accept her own illness, and now everyone at home is clear on her condition, so she knows her condition, and live with her disease.”

Looking at life from a different angle
      In the time she has spent with illness, Ching-ying sensed that: in life, not everything is smooth, and sometimes people would be upset or sad in heart and body. However, like a machine that need repairs, people can still rest and wait for the depression to pass. At this time, if they are not thinking of the bad, they can think of themselves and the others, to discover that no one is perfect, and everyone has their own worries. Even though being sick is very inconvenient, it also helped her to discover that there are many people around her who are good and want to help. Thus, Ching-ying understands that she is not useless, even though she cannot give other people too much real help, she can engage in spiritual exchange to offer support and encourage to others.

Desire for study, warmth from teachers and students
      Class is a happy thing for Ching-ying, because all the things at school can help her forget her physical pain. In her diary, she writes that: whenever she feels better, she would bargain with the doctor, hoping to learn with classmates at school. Even if it is just one class, she cherishes it. Going to class is like recharging for Ching-ying; when she sees her teachers and classmates full of vitality, she also feels happy. Ching-ying’s classmates and teachers take care of her, and this is a source of happiness for her. 
Loving herself and brightening the lives of others is not lonely at all
      Ching-ying is optimistic and does not give up on herself due to her illness. She wanted to save something in her life, and wanted to use her life to brighten the lives of others. After she heard that there were 8 Bunun minority students who cannot pay their tuition and fees at Jinping Elementary School in Haiduan Township, Taitung County, within her means, she donated the 4800 that she had been saving for a long time, encouraging children with single parents or physical disabilities to continue studying. She said, “there are students who need more help than I do.” She also decided that “as long as she is alive” she will keep donating.

      Experiencing a life different from other people has allowed Ching-ying to discover that she can try to accept herself, accept others, and accept help, while helping others who need help. Actually, she was not alone. She believes that as long as she is alive, there would be miracles. Helping herself and helping others, she could be happy and discover her own value.