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Being free from the limitations of visual impairment 
writing a symphony of life
      Apparently not being able see is another blessing from heaven. I am the color palette of life.─Chu Yu-hao

      Wenzao Ursuline College of Language’s fifth-year English student Chu Yu-hao was born with retina disease in both eyes, resulting in full blindness. He still studied at Chenping Elementary School, Sizhangli Middle School, and Wenzao Ursuline College of Language to learn how to deal with normal students, learn the same curriculum, and bear the same examination stress. Yu-hao not only devotes himself to his studies with good performance, and found happiness and self-confidence in music, winning multiple awards in piano, guitar, and singing competitions. Thus, Chu Yu-hao has been freed from limitations in visual impairment, write his own symphony of life, living a confident life, and he is certainly a “blind warrior.” 
Colorless childhood: moving for love, learning with heart
      Chu Yu-hao is a man born in 1992. One month after Yu-hao was born, his parents found that his eyes could not focus normally. After being checked by various doctors, it was confirmed that his blindness was caused by retina disease. After psychological counseling, his parents gradually accepted that they have a child with severe visual disability, and decided that they would let Yu-hao have a normal childhood.

      When Yu-hao was four years old, his parents let him go to class at a regular kindergarten. However, since the early education teacher was not a professional in special education, he had no idea how to teach blind children. Young Yu-hao could only lay on the floor each day on his eyes in a daze. His parents found this unbearable and decided to find a learning environment that was better suited for him.

      In order to begin Yu-hao’s learning, his parents decided to allow Yu-hao to study at the kindergarten at Taipei School for the Visually Impaired. They originally lived in Kaohsiung, and in order to let Yu-hao have a better learning environment, they decided to split up the family. His father stayed in Kaohsiung for work, and his mother took Yu-hao and his younger brother to rent a house near Taipei School for the Visually Impaired. Even though it was difficult, it was an important time for Yu-hao’s learning.

      At Taipei School for the Visually Impaired, with the guidance of professional teachers, Yu-hao learned to take care of his own life. Two years later, in order to connect elementary school education, his parents decided to move to Taichung, transferring Yu-hao to Huei Ming School, Taichung for elementary school. At Huei Ming School, Yu-hao learned Braille in Chinese and English, and practiced using Braille machines; even though his peers are disabled, they are not lazy in learning, and have continued to encourage each other to improve, allowing Yu-hao to have rich developmental experiences.

From shame to self-confidence: accompanied by parents, diligent study
      In order to let Yu-hao to come into contact with the rest of society earlier, his parents decided to transfer him to the third grade in Chenping Elementary School after four years of special education training, so he can learn with normal students. This became a major challenge to the learning career of Yu-hao.

      Returning to regular school, Yu-hao also has to do the regular workload. The preparation work for Yu-hao to turn in homework is an extra job for his mother. Yu-hao writes the homework with the Braille machine, then asks his mother to translate them into Chinese line by line so that the teacher can correct them. Thus, when Yu-hao submits homework or translates articles, he has to spend twice the amount of time compared to other students. This also caused him to strongly sense the difference from schools for the visually impaired.

      Yu-hao at a normal elementary school had to spend a lot of time in school work, and had to re-learn how to deal with normal students. Thus, Yu-hao, who was originally lively, became shy and introverted, not daring to express his needs for students. He often passively waited for assistance, and had to withstand the negative and unfriendly actions of some classmates. However, with the counseling and encouragement of parents and teachers, Yu-hao learned to join the people, accept the actions of different classmates, and gain confidence from shame. He gradually became familiar with group life with normal students.

      During middle school, Yu-hao was fully devoted to schoolwork, using the “Daomangshu System” developed by Tamkang University Center of Resources for the Blind, it not only opened diverse passages to the outside world but also helped his academic learning. Yu-hao’s parents also scanned all the examination papers at the school, detected their text and image descriptions, then converted them to the notebook files for blind students. With the computers for the blind, Yu-hao could go to class, do homework, and take exams at the same time as his classmates. At the same time, his mother counseled Yu-hao’s homework one-on-one, to speed up his learning progress.

      During this time, with the initiation by a touring counselor for the visually impaired, Yu-hao became interested in English, built a good foundation, and entered Wenzao Ursuline College of Language.
Diverse environment: colorful life, building dreams and hopes
      At Wenzao Ursuline College of Language, Yu-hao majored in English and minored in Japanese. A good learning environment allowed him to relight the fire of life, awaken the eye of the spirit, and he decided to develop his musical talents.

      At school, Yu-hao began to learn independence, including copying notes in class, submitting homework, and facing exams. He does everything on his own, allowing him to have a new autonomous life. Yu-hao started learning music again, and with the encouragement of his parents, he signed up for guitar and singing classes. For many times, he has participated in school competitions, establishing confidence when facing people and for performances. Yu-hao participated in service clubs at school, guiding children’s camps as a worker, sharing, learning, and interacting with people positively.

      Now, Yu-hao not only understands how to learn actively and interact with peer groups, but also opened his passions and vitality for life, and can give back to the people through club activities. A colorful life has not caused Yu-hao to feel lost, but it made him persevere in his own objectives, maintaining good academic grades while continuing to study foreign languages. In the future, he hopes to use his singing, music, and language talents to inspire and comfort people’s hearts, so that he can convey his passion and love for life to every corner of society and even the world.