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Forging Life’s Home Dynamics, Discovering the Beauty of Human Nature
       Dr. Wah Joon Tong lost his father when he was very young, and grew up amid poverty and need. He never gave himself up, but was inspired, against all circumstances, to determine to succeed. He graduated from middle school in 1958, and with his family too poor to support him in further studies, he started working as a news correspondent, one of the entry-level jobs in newspaper agencies. His excellent abilities, fluent writing, and committed attitude soon brought on the attention of company management, and he was promoted to a high position within the agency. Dr. Wah has always been deeply concerned about the moral deterioration of society, and in 1988, he left the newspaper agency to dedicate himself to a domain he considered more essential to the community, that of education. He established “Home Dynamics” in Penang in order to promote the importance of life education, and of enhancing the harmony of society through learning, thinking, and spiritual growth. Just when the humanities education business was operating propitiously, Dr. Wah lived up to his belief of “never stop learning,” and went in 1996 to Leicester University in England to obtain his master’s degree. After three years of hard work, he successfully received his diploma, and went on to complete a PhD degree at the ripe old age of seventy at the University of South Australia. In 2007, just as he was on the verge of retiring, he was beset by the biggest betrayal of his life. His close friend and business partner established his own company, took away the rich resources at “Home Dynamics,” and almost ruined “Home Dynamics.” Luckily, the undefeatable Dr. Wah took charge of his team at Home Dynamics, and quickly put it back into shape. This crisis allowed “Home Dynamics” to transition itself, and today it has organized and held over 300 course selections in humanities education for both adults and youth. These course are attended by more than 10,000 people each year.

Home tragedies and the ups and downs of life
      Dr. Wah was born in Malaysia in 1940. He was born into a relatively well to do family, with a father that operated coffee shops and hotels. However, when he was eleven, just as his father invested all his savings in a cookie factory, his father died in his sleep suddenly one night, leaving a wife and three young children behind. His father had borrowed largely from friends and relatives in order to invest in the cookie factory, and the burden of debt fell upon Dr. Wah’s young shoulders. The family was cast into poverty and never had enough to eat, the reason why Dr. Wah became such a frugal person. The debts his father had occurred were slowly repaid after he began to work.

      This family catastrophe was the first turning point in Dr. Wah’s life. After his father died, mother and children went through hard times in which he tasted in full the bitterness of life and endured neglect and ridicule. His experiences with the ugliness of human nature prompted him to determine to succeed.

Leaving the newspaper agency job of 20 years, creating “Home Dynamics” for the benefit of Life Education
      After Dr. Wah graduated at the top of his class from middle school, he taught in elementary school for three months, but was forced to leave because he didn’t receive an official teacher’s permit. He had no choice but to take a job in the family-owned company of a friend for a year. Afterwards, he was offered a position at a newspaper agency, and started working in the newsprint business. The more than twenty years he spent in the newspaper agency paved the way for the path he was to tread upon in the latter half of his life. All around him, he saw instances of people pushed around helplessly by the powerful and the wealthy, he saw them fall into the depths or despair, or resort to prayers in hopes of seeking temporary peace and relief. These occurrences cut Dr. Wah to the heart, and forced him to ponder the deeper meanings of life. Even though he was reluctant to leave the news printing business, he was unwavering in his determination to make a new start, and dedicate his powers to advocating something more meaning to him—life education. Dr. Wah had decided to establish himself in the life education business, leading to the creation of “Home Dynamics” in Penang, of which he has been serving as chair ever since.

The dream of building a “Hospital for the Soul”
      The first step towards salvaging the deteriorating moral standards of society, is to acquire the participation of members of society far and wide. Collective participation and collaborative thought are fundamental to the elimination of many obstacles, therefore “Home Dynamics” was established as a non-profit organization, with aims to promote cultural education, and hold events that inspire personal spiritual growth, the emergence of virtue and inner beauty, in hopes of bringing warmth and harmony to society.

      “Home Dynamics” has held over 300 course selections in humanities education for both adults and youth, and in the over ten thousand conversations conducted each year, the “active self-exploratory” courses has been accredited by the National Human Resource Bureau as a certified human resource training course.
      Dr. Wah has another important dream, which is to build a “hospital for the soul” in which patients in need of psychological care may receive the assistance and therapy they need, just as they would seek help if they had physical ailments. He hopes to establish a “hospital for the soul” for people to come to when they undergo psychological pain and receive appropriate treatment from a medical institute they can trust.

The biggest betrayal
      One never knows what to expect in life. Seventy years of age should be a time at which one plays with grandchildren and enjoys quality time with one’s family. In 2007, Dr. Wah Joon Tong announced his retirement and appointed his long time trusted partner as successor to “Home Dynamics,” the precious institute he had built from scratch. What he didn’t expect was that two days later his partner would go hand him a letter of resignation. Dr. Wah though that his partner also felt the fatigues of the business and wanted to leave, but the truth was, his partner had left “Home Dynamics” to set up his own shop, a direct competitor of “Home Dynamics.”
      Dr. Wah describes this as the biggest betrayal he had ever experienced in his life. The incident was also the most severe blow ever to have occurred against “Home Dynamics,” because the resources the partner took away with him comprised of the major source of revenues for “Home Dynamics.” Dr. Wah conceded that, the blow he experienced from the betrayal of a person he trusted unquestioningly was so great, he even thought of shutting down “Home Dynamics.” Nevertheless, even at the age of seventy, Dr. Wah was still an undefeatable man of iron. He decided not to give up, and with the help of a faithful group of associates and employees, he resurrected “Home Dynamics” and ingenuously took advantage of this crisis to transition “Home Dynamics” to its current form of operation.

Never stop learning
      Dr. Wah Joon Tong graduated from middle school without pursuing further education because of a lack of financial support, but he never stopped pushing himself to learn at every stage of his life. When the humanities education business at ‘Home Dynamics” was progressing smoothly, he took the opportunity to, at the age of 56, enter the graduate program of University Training and Human Resource Management at Leicester University in England. He obtained his degree after three years of arduous studies.
In 2006, at the ripe old age of 66, he was admitted into the PhD program in Business Management at the University of South Australia, Australia. He was almost seventy years old when he graduated with honors and achieved the pinnacle of academic achievement. His enduring spirit of never stopping to learn is a true source of inspiration.