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Standing up, coming forth, making dreams come true
       Dato’ Sim Ooi Hong, a Malaysian lawyer suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, has gone through over seventy times of bone fractures due to his Fragililisossium. Even though he still had to crawl along the ground at thirteen just to get around, Sim Ooi Hong never gave up, and gradually came to realize his life’s aspirations. When he was just fourteen, the first of his dreams came true when he stood up on his own two feet; at twenty-eight, his second dream came true when he became a lawyer, and embarked on his career; at thirty-two, he carried out his third dream—writing his life’s experience, and published his autobiography I Must Stand Up, and was awarded the Outstanding Malaysian Young Person Award. At the age of forty, he realized the fourth dream of his life—becoming financially independent, and starting his own family. Sim Ooi Hong stood up, came forth, and made his dreams come true one step at a time, and even though he encountered countless hardships and obstacles, he never backed down from fighting against his illness. As a lawyer, he has dedicated his career to the advocacy of justice, voicing the needs of the disadvantaged, and protecting their dignity and rights. He is a dedicated legal professional true to his colors.

Experiencing his first bone fracture 40 days after birth
      Sim Ooi Hong was born in 1969 in Malaysia, and because he suffered from fragililisossium (commonly called glass doll syndrome), when he was just a 40-day-old infant, he suffered the first bone fracture of his life. Having a child with the rare disease made things very difficult for the Sims, who had neither the medical knowledge nor the financial power to overcome the misfortune. In the following years, Sim Ooi Hong would suffer at least three to six bone fractures in his arms and legs per year. No matter if he was walking or standing, anytime Ooi Hong fell, he was likely to suffer a fracture, and sometimes even a sneeze would cause his chest bones to break. Because of this, he was a frequent visitor to the hospital when he was a child.

A book that changed his fate
      The gripping disease and repeated bone fractures resulted in severe deformities in Ooi Hong’s arms and legs when he was just a child. He also lost the ability to walk, and tattered many pairs of pants crawling about on the ground. Sim Ooi Hong had been often bullied by other children because he could only crawl along the ground, and there were even adults who threatened to send him to the circus. Physical pain and psychological torture made Sim Ooi Hong low in self esteem and reserved, and there were times when he wanted to end his own young life.
I      n his third grade in elementary school, the autobiography He Never Gives Up completely changed Sim Ooi Hong’s fate. He became determined to fight to the end, to not only live courageously, but to study the law and become an attorney, just the author of that autobiography, Cheng Feng-si.

Standing up and marching forth at the age of fourteen
      After he graduated from elementary school, after the headmaster and his teacher had taken a look at his excellent grades and academic performance, the government official decided against placing him in a care center for the disabled. They arranged for Sim Ooi Hong to undergo hospital operations in hopes of straightening his two crooked legs. After two calf correction procedures and six months of recovery in the hospital, Sim Ooi Hong, at the age of fourteen, could finally stand on his own two feet.
      In order to fulfill his dream of becoming a lawyer, Sim Ooi Hong persevered through countless hardships and weathered many storms. In 1989, in order to scrape together the mere 1000 Malayisan dollars needed to enroll in university, Sim Ooi Hong took a year out of school and worked as a substitute teacher. During university, because he couldn’t afford the high living expenses of the city, he gave up his plans to board within the city of Kuala Lumpur, and chose to commute, a distance of over 200 kilometers per day. Unfortunately, he met with a car accident in his junior year, and upon sustaining the injury of a broken right leg, he was faced with one of the many dilemmas of his life: to take a year off from school, or continue on against all odds? After two weeks’ rest and recovery, Sim Ooi Hong decided to hang in there and continue to ride the bus to school, crutches, cast, and all.

Becoming a lawyer at the age of twenty-eight
      In 1995, Sim Ooi Hong successfully graduated with honors from the Law School at the University of London. In 1996, at the age of 28, he became a certified legal practitioner of Malaysia. In July of 1997, the “legal offices of Sim Ooi Hong” were finally established. His story of struggle and success has received enthusiastic media attention, and he has on many occasions been called the “Cheng Feng-si of Malaysia.” In 2001, he was selected as an “Outstanding Malaysian Young Person.” In 2003, he was awarded with the title of “Dato” by the Pahang Royalty of Malaysia.

Completing the autobiography of his life at the age of thirty-two and inspiring 500,000 people
       When Sim Ooi Hong was 32 (in the year 2001), he published his first autobiography I Must Stand Up. Thereafter, in the past 10 years and more, Sim Ooi Hong has often been invited to gives talks that encourage young people all across Malaysia, and to this day, over 500,000 people have been touched by his words and his story.

Becoming financially independent and starting a family at the age of forty
      After he opened his own law office, Sim Ooi Hong overturned the common opinion that “the socially disadvantaged will always be in need of help.” He not only does not require financial assistance, but can furthermore provide jobs for dozens of employees and associates. Aside from his business, Sim Ooi Hong also demonstrates great generosity and the will to serve society, especially in providing assistance to the socially disadvantaged. Sim Ooi Hong also unreservedly provides legal consultations and opinions to anyone who seeks his help.

      In 2008, in order to take his attainments to another level, Sim Ooi Hong, in the height of his career, decided to step down from his position and complete his second book, I Finally Stood Up, and to marry the love of his life, Ms. Huang Tsen-feng. The Gods looked upon him with favor, because after many doubting days and restless nights, they were given the gift of a perfectly healthy baby—Xeno.

The power of a single well spreads love afar
      Today, aside from everyday business, Sim Ooi Hong is the guest speaker for the legal segment of the “Love Life” show and “Morning Masters” show on the Malaysian National Broadcasting Company’s “Love FM” channel, and offers free legal consultations on air for audiences that call in. In addition, Sim Ooi Hong also writes legal columns for renowned local magazines “Feminine” and “Home.” In his spare time, Sim Ooi Hong actively participates in community benefit events and inspires the crowds. He is in the process of publishing the comic adaptation of his book I Must Stand Up, and a new series of books of inspiration, The Power of A Single Well, to further spread his words of love.