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From medicine to love, standing by the side of Hong Kong
       Dr. Martin Wong Chi-sang, professor at the School of Public Health and Primary Care of the School of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, has volunteered in social work for over 20 years, and rendered services and care to the most socially disadvantaged people in Hong Kong and China—patients, troubled youth, inmates, and the socially rehabilitated. Dr. Wong has participated in volunteer work since middle school, and never stopped serving children with cancer even during the arduous year of medical school. He even wrote popularized medical pamphlets and distributed them among patients and their families. Upon graduation, Dr. Wong joined the Hong Kong Regeneration Society, and provided services to patients suffering from cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and physical and mental disabilities. He has led over 100 patient support group meetings, and served for eight consecutive years the chairman of the committee for the “Top Ten Regeneration Warriors Commendations,” in honor of the courageous, determined warriors who have valiantly fought for their lives.

      In 2002, Dr. Wong established the “Hong Kong Professional Medical and Nursing Care Advisory Group,” and during his years as chairman, more than 150 professional medical workers have worked with patients suffering from terminal illnesses and their respectively families, setting the example for community mutual care.

A frontline volunteer, and professional medical worker
      Wong Chi-sang, male, was born in 1972 in Hong Kong. He has since middle school participated in volunteer services, and after he was elected president of the student association and commended as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Students of the Year, his excellent academic performance got him an admission from the School of Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. During his years in medical school, he started caring for children with cancer, protecting factory workers with disabilities, and patient families. On his visits and rounds, he gave patients and their families popularized medical pamphlets so that they may acquire broader medical knowledge.

      In his college years, aside from winning the Medical Fellowship, Dr. Wong even participated in scientific research at the young age of 21, and published his research findings in prestigious international scientific journals. After graduation, he acquired degrees in several programs in public health and administration. Today, Dr. Wong is not only an expert in pharmacology of the heard for Asians, a committee member for PhD defenses, a board member for doctors’ specialist accreditation, reviewer for international pharmacology, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular medical journals, also the invited and guest speakers of many overseas international medical conferences as well as consultant for many government and non-benefit organizations.

The caring services of “patient support groups”
      After graduation, Dr. Wong joined the Hong Kong Regeneration Society for volunteer work, and at the same time served as chairman for the steering and executive committees. His volunteer work extends to patients with cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and physical and mental disabilities. Dr. Wong has planned and implemented many different types and methods of patient services, and has visited schools, charities, and communities to give more than 200 talks on health and medicine, and led more than 100 patient support meetings, organized visits to great numbers of patient families, and, with love and care, helped patients and their families to stand against disease and misfortune, to be strong, and to help themselves.

      Dr. Wong believes that “patient support groups” are a highly influential and moving method of service. The volunteers that work the events do not need to be equipment with professional medical knowledge or skills. All they need to possess are willing ears, compassionate hearts, and a sense of participation, because the deepest meanings and most valuable things in life are the love and care we can offer one another. Today, the support group team members of yesterday have become volunteer team leaders, are continuing to help patients in need to regain their physical and mental health, and passing down the beautiful tradition of love and hope.

The three Ps of volunteer service, from professional knowledge to active participation
      Dr. Wong also believes that within volunteer services, there are three important elements—the three Ps, being Proactive, engaging in Partnership, and having Passion with Empathy, so that volunteers may provide the best care and service to patients in need.

      In 1999, Dr. Wong and his volunteers organized the “Angels of Love Volunteer Group,” and served as chairman of the preparatory committee for the “Top Ten Regeneration Warrior Commendations,” and award that honors the courageousness and determination of those with physical and mental disabilities. In 2003, Dr. Wong established the “Hong Kong Medical and Nursing Care Advisory Group,” and served as its inaugurating chairman in hopes of drawing more professional medical workers to join and utilize their professional knowledge, and take part in promoting the importance of health education and primary care, all in order to create a healthier and better world.

      Dr. Wong has volunteered in many areas of service, and aside from patients with cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and physical and mental disabilities, he has also conducted research surveys and discovered that Hong Kong youth between the ages of 15 to 25 are showing increasing signs of depression. In order to promote youth mental health and social interactive abilities, Dr. Wong has targeted youth care as a primary concern, and participated in research concerning youth at risk. Dr. Wong is also highly engaged in service work concerning prison inmates the socially rehabilitated.

Service as personal responsibility, performing charity work with passion
      Dr. Wong believes that a man’s attitude towards life should be positive, not doubting, and that morals are more important than knowledge. Dr. Wong has fully applied his professional medical knowledge on his volunteer work, and labored for many years for the benefit of the Hong Kong Regeneration Society, the Hong Kong Health Promotion and Education Association, the People of Fortitude International Mutual-Aid Association for the Disabled, the Gideon Center, and other charitable organizations. He has written medical articles, wrote and edited health education related books, held health seminars, and established patient support groups. After Dr. Wong joined as a volunteer at the Hong Kong Regeneration Society, he also served as chairman of the steering committee and executive board.
      For his long time services and dedications to the socially disadvantaged, Dr. Wong has been awarded with the first annual Volunteer Work Development Bureau “Outstanding Volunteers of Hong Kong Award,” the “Hong Kong Annual Humanitarian Award,” and the “Fifth Annual Loving Heart Award.” Dr. Wong’s passionate dedication to volunteer services, the care of people’s physical and mental health, as well as his oath to stand by the side of Hong Kong no matter what happens, are truly touching acts of great kindness.