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Make disability power‧love never ceases
      Zhao Hong-liang, a master majored in History of CPC of Department of Politics and Administration of University of Hainan. When he was very young, he was sent to hospital because of continuous fevers. However, a mis-injection led his nerve of the legs to be damaged. His left leg became disabled and couldn't move freely since then .Although he had a broken body, his spirit was firm. He diligently studied and made unselfish devotion to others. Beginning from his high school age in 1998, Hong-liang practically helped many needy children, lonely elderly, and poor villages. He had continued to do for more than one decade. Hong-liang's unselfish love touched countless people and inspired great echoes from every corner of the society. He undoubtedly became the model of the youth of different work areas.
Disabled body but beautiful heart, make love into actions
      Hong-liang was born in a normal farm family in Anyang City , Henan Province in 1977. When he was very young, he had continuous fevers and was sent to hospital. A mis-injection resulted in the damage of his nerve of the leg. He therefore had a disabled left leg and couldn't move freely. Since young, Hong-liang always studied diligently and loved to help people. He was adored by his teachers and classmates. In 1994, because of his top grade in the town, he was accepted to enter a key high school of Henan Province─The first High school of Anyang City . Unfortunately, Hong-liang's waist vertebra got seriously hurt in his first year. He had no choice but to take leave of absence and go for therapies. This lasted for five years. He had endured the tortures from his disability and disease, insisting to use the spare time between therapies and rests to self-study high school courses.  
      In the year 1998, rare floods struck Motherland. The brave deeds of anti-flood hero, Li Hsiang-chun deeply motivated Hong-liang, who was still rest at home. He paid honor to this man and wanted to follow his steps. At the moment, the miserable condition of the poor students, Ju Hong and Hsiung Si-ching, who studied in Hope Elementary School of Gaoan County of Jiangxi made HoHongng-liang sympathized. He thought: if I became thriftier, I could give them a hand and might change their bitter fate. This thought quickly turned to be practical actions. Although Hong-liang was a poor child needing others' help, he did part-time work and lived a pinching and scraping life to help the two. The pennies he had gradually saved were all used to help them study. Under Hong-liang's assistance and encouragement, the two elementary school students both finished their schoolwork in 2007.
      In 2000, Hong-liang returned to school and continued his high school work. He always maintained his excellent grades and worked hard to help the disadvantaged. He had so far donated over 20,000 dollars and nearly 1,000 books to the elderly, children, border villages, and the poor. During this process, he deeply realized why people say, “The rose's in her hand, the flavor in mine.” He also said that helping others brings happiness and confidence .
Brilliant student: diligently study, sincerely contribute
      In the year 2002, Hong-liang passed the exam and entered Economics and Managements Department to learn professional marketing courses at Hainan University . In people's opinion, university life was abundant and colorful and could let students temporarily take a breath and have a short break. Unlike others, however, Hong-liang treasured these opportunities so much. He persisted in keeping his living habit. He woke up at five to study English and wouldn't go to bed until the dorm's light was turned off. He not only studied professional courses of marketing, but also self-studied professional knowledge of Laws. He also took self-study examinations. During his university life, he not only studied diligently, but successively became the publicity committee of the department, substitute office director of classes, class representative, the secretary of the Youth League, the member of Department Commission, the secretary of the branch of Student Party, and the member of the leading group of the educational activity. He was very active at school then.
      During the four-year university life, Hong-liang positively took part in different social activities. He was in charge of new entry work in three years successively. When student enrolling days came in September, he worked until midnight. Besides, he actively learned knowledge of other subjects, such as education and psychology to help classmates solve their mental or daily problems and difficulties. During summer vacations, he went with Love and Art Club of the department to have a show in countryside. Meanwhile, he positively worked on marketing survey and research on agricultural products in order to help local farmers broaden agricultural markets.
      When he was a freshman, Hong-liang began to group Youth Volunteer Service Team. He went to library and nearly villages and towns to do voluntary labor service. He offered tutorials to junior high school and elementary school students on weekends. During the four-year university life, the students tutored by him almost made progress on their grades. Since 2003, he actively cooperated with the department to group students to establish clubs, such as “Love and Art Club” and “Love Realization Base”. These clubs regularly helped the development of culture and technology of countryside and spread the notion of medicine and nursing. Over these four years, approximately 20,000 books and clothes were sent to remote areas by the organizations through his assistance. He also led nearby schools to start voluntary activities and made everyone feel warm and happy by helping others.
“Amateur doctor”: the home for the aged leaves him a bed
      In November, as just getting into the university, Hong-liang went to the home for the age and the orphanage of Danzou City on his own. This made him start his love stories with the elderly of the home for the aged and children of the orphanage. Hong-liang made a deep relationship with them although it only lasted nearly two weeks. He persisted to be a volunteer in the home for the aged and the orphanage every week, doing different kinds of service.
      In order to better help the lonely and the needy elderly and orphans, although Hong-liang majored in marketing rather than medicine, he used his spare time to self-study Chinese medicine, point massage, knowledge of medicine and diet, and mental counseling of deaf and dumb children. He bought some medical apparatuses for them, such as manometer and cuppings. He regularly went to the home for the aged and the orphanage for medical care. Over these nine years, he has kept in touch with the elderly in the home for the age d and the children of the orphanage. He usually spared time to visit them. He thus became the most intimate person to them. When it comes to Hong-liang, the elderly of the home for the age d all show appreciation and praise. Even now, the home for the age d leaves a bed for Hong-liang.
Employment choice: to the neediest place
      Graduation was around the corner. Hong-liang insisted to go to the neediest place to help. In July, 2006, he went to a county with the extreme poor condition---the mountain areas of the minority ethnic groups of Li and Miao in Nankai village of Baisha Lizu Miaozu autonomous county. From there, he began his volunteer life. It was the hometown of the minority ethnic groups of Li and Miao, where lacked teachers and technological development. He taught math, English, geography, politics, biology and science there. He taught three to four courses at the same time. When Hong-liang just got there, although Hong-liang couldn't move freely, he joined dilapidated houses reconstruction of schools in remote mountain areas. He carried bricks and mixed cement every day. One month later, he was darker and thinner. His hands and feet even had pustule, but he never gave up. Afterward, he donated his paid of that month to a teacher who just underwent a serious accident in her family.
      “When the school semester began in September, I saw my students——the children of Li and Miao of the mountain areas. They were simple and honest! Remote mountain roads cut residents' dream and made outsiders fear to come.” In his diary, he wrote that voluntary service might look boring to many people. In his opinion, however, was colorful because he could pass on what he had learned to the poor and needy children who lacked resources in the mountain areas. He could also try his best to help needy farmers there. Due to this firm faith, although he had to travel to and fro for dozens of miles every day to pass on relevant knowledge to farmers, he was happy and willing to do it. In his spare time, he persisted to get up early and got to bed late. He lit candles to study although he was usually bitten by mosquitos and bugs in the mountain. He continued to enrich his knowledge to enhance his teaching skills.
Expert of helping the poor: enriched by passionately helping needy mountain areas
      During the two-year of working in the mountain areas, Hong-liang was a teacher in class and a friend of his students. He learned Li language from his students, and visited the mountain fortresses of Li and Miao to better understand the custom and living condition of the minority ethnic groups of Li and Miao. To help the local people improve their living environment, he went back to his alma mater to learn knowledge of balata, tapioca and tropical economic crops, and actively learned the techniques of balata planting and balata cutting. Then he came back and technically guided local farmers how to plant. He distributed over 300 books talking about tropical economic crops (e.g. balata) to balata farmers and gave them nearly 100 free-paying burned discs about balata plantation. Meanwhile, he combined the technology learned from his a lma mater to help local disadvantaged balata farmers.
      For people living in the mountain fortresses of Li and Miao, Hong-liang took out his savings (over 2500 dollars) to edit and publish the periodical “Nanshiyuan”, which talked about popular science, farming, law publicity, medical self-help and Olympics. He walked into those remote Li areas and Miao mountain fortresses many times to take pictures for them. He gave them a family photo with the topic of “photography condenses peace and harmony”. In October, 2008, large scale of balata trees in the middle mountain areas of Hainan was suffered by plant diseases and insect pests. He overcame difficulties and walked into the mountain areas to investigate and collect pest samples. Through Hong-liang's coordination, his alma mater and the professionals of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Science gave local balata farmers maximum assistance to decrease their economic loss.
Love without borders: worry victims of disaster areas, devote his heart and soul
      On May 12, Sichuan Earthquake struck Mainland China . At that moment, Hong-liang was going to finish his two-year service. He paid high attention to the disaster and was burning with impatience. He took out his meager salary in the first minute and used different ways to donate over 2,000 dollars to the disaster areas of Sichuan . In the meantime, he very hard studied “Volunteer work guide”, “Post-disaster reconstruction guide” and “Post-disaster psychological assistance and recovery guide” in an attempt to understand all relevant knowledge to give victims maximum help. He had continually spent his most savings on voluntary service and non-profit business for more than one decade.
Manifest value of life and the society, show demeanor of contemporary college students
      Hong-liang has a virtuous and tough spirit. Facing the unfortunate fate, he has learned and lived with his toughness and braveness. He was broken in body, but firm in spirit. He has ceaselessly made self-improvement, assiduously learned and studied, and kept moving on diligently and bravely. He cares about the society, unselfishly devotes himself to the world, and he takes serving people as his mission. What he has done touched countless people and gave rise to great echoes from every corner of the society. He was, however, as humble and elegant as usual.
      With a little bit shyness, Hong-liang expressed that, he just tried his best to do something he should do. These things were all negligible, but he was glad to be approved by others. “I didn't expect to receive such large amount of honor. I think that what I have done were too few and still not enough to receive the honor. I hope people will be like me, give more care and pay more attention to those in need instead of focusing on me” said Hong-liang. Meanwhile, he expected himself to make people's care and approval to him motivation so that he could do his best and continue to do non-profit business and make the torch of love brighter and brighter. Love actions will thus, be pass on and on forever.