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【He found hope in painting, created his unique art style】

What I really want to do now is to seize the moment andto take good care of myself, so that those who always support me and care for me won’t be disappointed.
-Kuo-Lung Chen

An Extraordinary Life
Kuo-Lung Chen is a disabled artist in Taichung. His family was broken when he was 11, and from then on, as an underage student, he had to make a living on his own. In the age of 33, he fell down from a high spot of a falsework, which caused serious damage to his vertebra. 10 major operations within 10 years could still not save him from paraplegia. He had to move with wheelchair for the rest of his life, and this disastrous accident made him deeply depressed. 
At the time, he met another disabled woman, who has overcome her own struggle and even reached out to help others who experienced the same pain. The spirit of this woman urged him to put himself together, and he began to work as a secretary of the Federation of Spinal Cord Injured in Taiwan (FSCI), trying to help other disabled people.
However, Chen lost his job for a second time, and he hit the rock bottom again. To encourage him, he was brought to join a painting class held by the Taichung City Association for the Spinal Cord Injured Group (TCSCI). At first he only thought it might be a good way to express his bitterness, but gradually, he found it really interesting to do oil painting. His mentor, LiyingRuan, a famous oil painter, found him talented, and through her guidance, he emerged as an artist.
In the beginning, his work was full of dark colors, but it gradually changed in to brighter color tone, which suggested that he had overcome the depression and had found the confidence to live his life.

Chen’s situation gives him inspiration for painting, and he’s created a unique style: sand painting on caps. He has also done a great job as the secretary of FSCI, he always moves around in electric wheelchair, attending to help other disabled people. The story of this paralyzed painter represents a hope to overcome the pain and suffering by the arts, and therefore, out of 2,341 candidates around the world, he has stood out to be one of the final receiver of “2015 18th Global Fervent Love of Lives Medal,” sponsored by Chou Ta-kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation.