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【Recoloring Life, Rebirth from Paralyzation】

“It took me quite a while to understand this simple rule. Those who do not give up on life are the ones who lead a colorful one.”
- Chung-Jen Huang
Paralyzed after Successful Rescue
Chung-Jen Huang was born in the Amis tribe in Yuli, Haulien. He lived the life of an ordinary solder before the age of 22, not knowing that it is soon to be changed his forever. On a training day by the sea, Chung-Jen Huang saw someone drowning and jumped to the rescue without a second though. However, the weather was unfavorable that day due to large waves and winds. Even though the victim was rescued successfully, eventually Chung-Jen Huang was so tired out that he was at the risk of downing himself. Although Chun-Jen was later rescued, he was paralyzed from neck down with his hand function damaged, thus greatly affecting the quality of his everyday life.
Walking out of the 8th Suicide
Chung-Jen felt so hopeless and helpless that the only solution he to the situation was to end his own life. Chung-Jen attempted suicide again and again but survived each and every one thanks to the help of people around him. After his 8th suicide, Chung-Jen came to the conclusion that is suicide cannot solve the problem, and that he is hurting people around him. During his rehabilitation at the hospital, Chun-Jen came across a sentence that changed him completely. The sentence writes: Don’t underestimate yourself, because you are full of possibilities.
Thanks to the encouragement of friends, Chung-Jen started learning to paint and socialize with people. However, he later lost his motivation after his mother passed away.
Painting Faith, Hope and Love
During Chung-Jen’s visit at the St. Jiamin Special Education Center, Chung-Jen was extremely moved by the sight of children painting. Despite these children were diagnosed with moderate to severe mental retardation, Chung-Jen saw how they struggled to paint and express their feelings despite these odds. Even though they can be clumsy in the process, but the children continue painting passionately one stroke after another. The action of these children moved Chung-Jen and made him realize that he was more capable than these children and thus have no reason to give up painting. After much encouragement and self-reflection, Chung-Jen developed his talent and painting skills, encouraging friends in the same situation to have faith, hope and love in their heart.
Painting the Sky
From this day on, Chung-Jen lived his life with passion and love for painting while using his skill to help others. Besides fundraising for rehab buses for St. Jiamin Nursing Home for the Elderly, he sells his works to charity to spread hope and love to other people. He is without a doubt the son of the mountain reborn once again. He stood out from 2341 candidates worldwide who were selected because of their passion for life. We honor him by awarding him with the 18th Annual Global Love of Life Medal in 2015 from Chou, Tai-Kuan Foundation.
Son of Mountain, Ignited.
Chung-Jen’s original name at Chun-Ri tribe is Ceroh, which means ignition in Amis language. He was born in Chun-Ri village situated in Yu-Li county at Haulien (also known as he-dong or he-bei). Chung-Jen comes fifth in a family of four boys and four sisters, whom he ventured in the woods with everyday. His tribe was not big, but it was a fantasy world for him. Under the instruction of villagers and neighboring brothers and sisters, Chung-Jen was the most knowledgeable of the woods out of the entire village. Learning how to pick delicacies in the woods and exploring animal life are basic courses of life to him. Chung-Jen is like a green shoot that just sprouts on the ground at Chun-Ri tribe. His active energy is like a spark of fire that ignites and burns.
Swinging Between Dream and Reality
Back in those days every teenager had the same dream, to become a national baseball player and honor their country like the “Red Leaves” little league. Of course, Chung-Jen was no exception. He sweated, swung, and ran everyday at Yu-Dong middle school, dreaming of being famous around the world and make an effort for the little village. However, reality is always different from the dream. After graduating from middle school, the unfavorable financial status of Chung-Jen’s family turned him over to military school. He was later sent to Miaoli to serve his duties. Life in the military is drastically different from life in the woods. Chung-Jen experienced obedience and respect for order in the three years of military life, his life was filled with repetitive and endless cries of “The magnificent and the mighty”…
Life after the Storm
Perhaps what makes life is so exciting are the unexpected turns in the journey. The day that changed Chung-Jen’s life forever was just another ordinary training day at the sea, a day when Chung-Jen was training hard to be an excellent swimmer as usual. Just as the training started to feel a little boring, Chung-Jen heard someone who was drowning calling for help. He jumped into the sea without a second thought and swam, swam, and swam until he used up all his energy to push the person drowning back to shore. He was then caught in a whirlpool, not knowing when he lost his consciousness.
Alive Above the Neck
When Chung-Jen laid his eyes on this world again, all he saw and heard was a white ceiling and a noisy machine next to him. Since he cannot breathe by himself, he could only breath with the help of the machine. With a tube pushed down his throat, his lower body paralyzed, both hands tied down, Chung-Jen felt an unbearable agony inside his heart. The waves that almost devoured him changed Chung-Jen’s life forever. For six years straight Chung-Jen lived in the Tri-Service general hospital, feeling that his life was pale, dark, and filled with despair.
Eight Hopeless Struggles
Lying in a bed with nowhere to go is against Chung-Jen’s nature. He was once the passionate and energetic son of the mountains, and the thought of his past freedom made life in bed unbearable. Chung-Jen thought the only way to relief himself from pain is to end his own life. He once tried extubation, but was saved by a nurse. The second time he tried slamming in the wall but was again “unluckily” saved. He tried the third, fourth time…, and never succeeded even until the seventh suicide. The eighth time he lied to his mother, telling her that he needs sleeping pills to sleep. After receiving the pills he tried to end his life by swallowing twenty pills at a time. However, fate brought Chung-Jen’s married sister back home next day morning. She found him unconscious and sent him to the emergency room at Yu-Li Veterans hospital.
Turn of the Mind, Melancholy Blue turned Bright
Chung-Jen suffered from persistent high fever for a week due to overdose, and was eventually transferred to Tzu-Chi hospital. Chung-Jen was forever grateful to the medical team that treated him wholeheartedly and affectionately for three months. The colors that Chung-Jen once knew were blue of the melancholy, white of the pale sleeping pills, and black of a dark hopeless life. Thanks to the newfound brothers and sisters at Tzu-Chi, Chung-Jen was introduced to a new kind of blue, the bright blue of Tzu-Chi. He now understood that blue can be associate with emotions other than sadness.
Death of Mother, Loss of Motivation
Chung-Jen was placed in a nursing home at Uan-San. He started learning painting from a famous local artist Shen Dong-Long at Yi-Lan who was introduced by his friend. However, Chung-Jen wasn’t as interested as he was in painting after this period of rest. He did not take assignments from Shen Dong-Long seriously and often painted them at the very last minute before Shen Dong-Long arrived. Sometimes, he doesn’t even paint anything.
This went on for half a year until Chung-Jen received an urgent call one day. It was a very cold day, and the staff called for Chung-Jen several times to answer the phone. Chung-Jen didn’t want to get out off of bed into the cold, but hearing the urgency he finally answered the phone. It was his family on the line; they told him that his mother had passed away.
Chung-Jen’s mother had died; she was a very important person in Chung-Jen’s life. Chung-Jen even stated that the main reason he wanted to paint was because of his mother. He felt that his mother was constantly worried about her children who were either hurt or passed away during her lifetime. Chung-Jen felt that he was the closest to his mother because he was the most sensitive.
Chung-Jen’s mother was the one that cared for him the most. During his stay at the nursing home, almost none of his siblings came to visit; only his mother would bring food and supplements to him all the way on a train from time to time. He wanted his mother to know that even though he wasn’t in good health, he can be of use. Now that his mother had passed away, he lost his motivation to paint knowing that the most important person in his life will never be able to see his painting again.
Inspired by Children, Passionate Once Again
Days passed by as Chung-Jen wheeled himself around in an electric wheel chair. He came to St. Chia-Ming special education center at the foot of the mountain, a place that cared for children from mild to severe retardation. The children happened to be painting on the day of his visit, and the way they struggled to paint and express their feelings moved Chung-Jen deeply. Even though the children can be clumsy in the process, but they continue painting passionately one stroke after another. The action of these children made Chung-Jen very emotional, he realized that he was more capable than these children and have no reason to give up painting. He questioned himself on why he ever gave up on painting.
Upon his return at the nursing home, Chung-Jen painted with all his might. Inspirations filled him and flowed out from his fingertips like a fountain. He painted like a madman, completing over thirty works in less than half a year. His teacher Shen Dong-Long came by during this period and was very surprised. He would have never imagined that Chung-Jen could have achieved this quality and quantity in such a short period of time.
Dull to Colorful Palette of Life
Chung-Jen knows the reason why he is alive, moving around, and living with dignity today is because of the unlimited love, care and support given to him by people around him. His life became colorful again because he was encouraged and supported by people around him. From the moment he started to study the works of Van Gogh, Chung-Jen learned that there are vibrant colors such as red, yellow, and green to add to life.
Cheng-Jen’s life is not as smooth as people would like to life to be. However, Chung-Jen walked out of the shadows and unexpected turns of life. He knows that the generous help given to him is temporary, and is determined to live up to his own expectations. Once he is capable, he aspires to help and move more people with his life experience and passion for art.
From this point on, painting has been the first thing Chung-Jen looks forward to each day he opens his eyes. Without these suffering, disappointment, and countless up and downs, Chung-Jen’s work would have never blossomed with such passion.
Rebirth Into A Colorful Life
 Chung-Jen once had the courage to suicide again and again, however he now has a greater courage to live each day with more energy and meaning. Chung-Jen saved not one man from drowning; he saved himself and was reborn again. He believes that he can continue to save thousands and millions through art.
Along the way from Yuli to Tzu Chi Hospital, from Yi-lan Dong-shan to Uan-shan nursing home, Chung-Jen owes so many to each and every friend who cared, supported and encouraged him. The only way for him to show his gratitude now is by living each day with self-confidence and painting with hope and love.