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【A lady that’s beautiful from inside out】
If you have too much with you, you can’t be the luggage of life.
It is more blessed to give than to receive
I’ve always believed that the most special love is to share, share warmth, that is the most special love
—Young-ae Lee
Send the power of love to the world
Lee Young-ae often joins international charitable activities to the people living in severe poor condition to send her warmth to African countries and India and more. Lee visits these countries in person despite the risks of having diseases because of unfamiliar environment and her own safety. During the interaction with local people and live with them, she has learnt valuable lessons of life, that is the “special love” she sent to people all over the world. The special love from Lee Young-ae is beyond time and space, wherever Korean dramas are popular, she would send her love there, that is, send the power of love to the world.
The prettiest goodwill ambassador
Lee Young-ae serves as goodwill ambassadors of many non-profit organizations in several countries. She went to Africa and India in 1997 and have more understanding of the condition of poverty, disease and hunger suffered by children over there. She gave them a needy hand and sponsor children in those countries so that they can attend schools. Lee often writes to them and encourage them to help themselves, because “god helps those who help themselves” and wish that they can be free from poverty, diseases or hunger. 
Lee Young-ae once said “Before starting sending my love to Africa and India, I felt empty inside. I kept asking myself, to what extend my help can bring by visiting them again and again?  At that time, I felt that there’s nothing I could do to help them. But on each way back home, I felt enriched because I knew what I can do to help them.” Hence, her autobiography “A Most Special Love” was published in 2001 with an aim to raise more funds to help those children in need. Until now, the program has helped up to 3978 children in Africa and India and send them to school.
Send love to wherever her drama is popular
Soon after, Lee sent her love to countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh that often have wars. As the drama “Dae Jang Geum” became a hit in many Asian countries, the special love of Lee soon went through every corner of Asia. She donated to the Chi Bao elementary in Zhejiang, China in 2006 so that the school can renovate its hardware and later Chi Bao became a local example school. In 2007, she also sent her love to handicapped students in Korean No.1 middle school in Harbin, China and students that share same ethnicity with her can be proud of her.
If you still remember, in July 2014, Lee was the first one who reached out a helping hand to the Meng family. The Mengs went traveling in Korea but gave birth to a premature baby accidentally. They received 140 billion Korean Won (NTD 4.38 billion) from the actress and the news was wildly reported internationally.
As a goodwill ambassador of many non-profit organizations, Lee sends her love to wherever “Dae Jang Geum” is popular. She continues to send her love to Africa, India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Afghanistan, China, Korea , Taiwan and so on to send the power of love to the globe. She really deserves the name of caring Dae Jang Geum, that’s why she stood out among 2341 applicants around the world and receive the award of the 18th Chou Ta-kuan Love for Life Award given by Chou Ta-kuan Foundation.
The first doctor-to-be Korean actress, a model for lifelong learning
Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation’s vice chairman and chief executive, Chao Tsui-hui said that Lee Young-ae was born in Souel, Korea on Janurary 31th, 1971, she has been learning actively throughout her life and is a model as life-long learning for artists around the world. She studied her bachelor as a German major in Hanyang University and her master of Cinema and Theatre in the Graduate School of Mass Communication in Chung Ang University, and she is currently working on her doctoral degree at Graduate School of Theater and Cinema. Except for her excellent skills in acting, Lee also is very good at piano, horse-riding, swimming and singing. She is also a happy-maker in the entertainment industry who admires Charlie Chaplin and Audrey Hepburn very much. The actress always shows kindness to people and help others anonymously. She often invites her friends like Kim Hee-ae and Jang Seo-hee to charity events together. It’s needless to say that Lee has many fans around the world, including Taiwan.
Lee Young-ae enjoys a high educational background with little affair reported and has a good reputation. She is known as “the Oxygen Lady”. Now she works under Seoul Broadcasting System. Lee started her acting career in 1993, and until now, she has taken part in more than 30 TV series and 2 movies. She has this sheer natural beauty like a sculpture that attracts others. In 2003, she swept Asia like a storm with the drama “Dae Jang Geum”. In 2005, she was invited to Venice Film Festival and shows the beauty of Asian ladies to the world.
Living Dae Jang Geum and gain international fame
In 1991 Lee Young-ae was filmed in a chocolate commercial with Andy Liu by chance, the commercial became her stepping stone to the entertainment industry. In 1995, Lee decided to go back to school to learn theory of acting in graduate school.
In the year of 2000, she was highly praised because of the movie “Joint Security Area”, which she co-acted with two top-class actors Lee Byung-hun and Song Kang-ho. The Hong Kong director Peter Chan noticed Lee from that movie and asked her to be the leading role of “One Fine Spring Day”, a film invested by both Korean and Hong Kong companies. Later, she took a 2 year break and in 2003, she was invited by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation to play the leading role of the TV series“Dae Jang Geum”. The entire Asia was fascinated by Dae Jang Geum and soon the trend of Korean drama begun.
With“Dae Jang Geum”, Lee was known by people around the world. The series was launched in more than 60 countries worldwide, making Lee a household name. Soon after, her movie “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance” was launched which also received good remarks, she was awarded as best actress with this movie. Lee once said that she was willing to try all sorts of characters ranging from Dae Jang Geum to Lady Vengeance, which is very different from the former. She said that she has kept in mind that she has to act by heart.
Popular Commercial Face
Lee Young-ae is one of the Korean actors that was known by Taiwanese people in early times. The TV series “Fireworks” co-starred by Cha In-pyo and Lee Geung-young was the first Korean drama that drew Taiwanese attention. “Fireworks” stood in the early period of Korean drama trend, and thus Korean drama is widely popular in Taiwan.
As the superstar of Korea in Asia, the actress has been invited to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Japan, and is welcomed by her fans wherever she visits. The actress is the first pop star that visit NHK with so many fans waiting that NHK has to use the NHK hall to host her fans. Except for participating in movies and dramas, she also wins the heart of many companies that invites her to be their spokesperson and the face of their product.
She was invited to the 2007 Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China and many fans waited her in such a freezing day as cold as minus 4 Fahrenheit. Asiana airlines also painted her portrait as Dae Jang Geum on the airplane to promote airline business and it also resemble that Lee is about to fly around the world with her love.
The award-winning Oxygen Lady
      Lee Young-ae can be seen in many commercials, in 2007 she was voted as the most trustworthy spokesperson. In the same year, Lee received the Medal of Culture Merit by the Korean government and the president of South Korea asked to meet her. Lee enrolled in the Graduate School of Theater and Cinema of Hanyang University in 2009. Ever since the diploma cheats happened to some Korean artists, Lee with an authentic degree is truly valuable. Compared to others who didn’t finish their studies, Lee is very enthusiastic about learning, so she is highly praised by Korean media.  
Drama Awards
1994 SBS Drama Awards, Best New Actress “How's Your Husband?”
1995 KBS Drama Awards, Popularity Prize “West Palace”
1996 MBC Drama Awards, Outstanding Actress “Their Embrace”
1997 SBS Drama Awards, Best Actress “Because I Love You”
1998 SBS Drama Awards, Best Actress “Romance”
1999 KBS Drama Awards, Popularity Prize “Invitation”
2003 MBC Drama Awards, Daesang/Grand Prize “Dae Jang Geum”
Movie Awards
2001 Korea Movie & Music Awards, Photogenic Prize for Actress
2001 Busan Film Critics Awards, Best Actress (One Fine Spring Day)
2005 Blue Dragon Film Awards, Best Actress (Sympathy for Lady Vengeance)
2005 Sitges Film Festival, Best Actress (Sympathy for Lady Vengeance)
2006 Baeksang Arts Awards, Best Actress (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance)
2006 Cinemanila International Film Festival, Best Actress (Sympathy for Lady Vengeance)
Charity Award
2015 Chou Ta-kuan Love for Life Award
TV series
1993 How's Your Husband?
1994 Dash
1995 Love and Marriage
      1995 West Palace
1995 Asphalt Man
1996 Papa
    1997 Because I Love You
1997 Medical Brothers
1997 The Reason I Live
       1998 Advocate
1998 Romance
1999 Enbireyong
1999 Invitation
1999 Wave
2000 Fireworks
2003 Dae Jang Geum
1996 I will do it
1998 First Kiss
2000 Joint Security Area
2001 Last Present
2001 One Fine Spring Day
2005 Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
In 2001, she published her autobiography “A Most Special Love” and donated the income from the sale of the book to charity for the “Read for hope scholarship” to poverty-stricken teenagers.
Some words from her friend, Yun Seok Hwa, a play actor
Dandelion at night
Lee Young-ae sometimes prepares some sweet little gifts for me. In my point of view, she is beautiful. Sometimes she would take some nice flowers with her to visit me when I am rehearsing, on my birthday, she once gave me an elephant that sings, and a cute frame the other time.
The gifts she gave me aren’t really expensive, but the intention that prepares the gift is what money can’t buy.
Whenever I chat with her, she makes me think of the grass that’s damped with morning dew, or the dandelion blew by breeze at night. She is as mysterious as the goddess in the sky, this is how I see her.
Hidden Beauty
In her autobiography“A Most Special Love”, Lee writes in a fluent fashion, but she felt a bit nervous. I saw her hesitation.
“I am not a writer but an actor, so it’s okay that I try to express my opinion honestly. As long as I think that I can read the book and think of my pass experiences one day in the future, I feel energetic and want to give it a try.”
I once had a chance to publish my autobiography, but I didn’t do it. Now I feel a little regret. I encouraged her to seize the opportunity and I have the feeling that her book will be published soon.
I said that Lee Young-ae is like a dandelion blew by breeze at night. Maybe someone thinks that she wants to be more famous by publishing the book, but in my opinion, she is still the Oxygen Lady and people around her feel comfortable. Her own goal of being a superstar and her lodging of freedom makes her even more mysterious in her fans’ heart.
A heart that’s more beautiful than her appearance
I have faith in her, because from conversations with her, I know that she isn’t the person that pursues luxurious life. Lee wants to live life to the fullest. I believe she meant what she said, I didn’t say those words for her, and those are her true emotion.
After reading “A Most Special Love”, it’s easy to find that though she has a beautiful appearance, her heart is more beautiful than her face. She feels connected to the teenagers in need and she truly cares about them, this is what she regards as the most special love.
In her busy schedule, Lee spares some time to read and write. I admire her sprit, because she is the most intellectual person I’ve ever seen in the entertainment industry. I think her autobiography “A Most Special Love” is a special present she prepares for everyone, just like her dramas.
She expresses her life and dream in the book so that her fans can know more about her, and she reviles the beauty that was hidden behind the role of an actor. We should all read the most beautiful present she gives to us.
Some word from a famous producer
She wins the hearts of everyone
Before I met her, I thought of her as “a beautiful actress that lives like a fairy”. My first impression about her was from the chocolate commercial she shoot with Andy Liu, she soon attracted me. Later, she was on the ads for a cosmetic company and she looked like what was advertised, the lady like oxygen and that commercial pushes Lee to be a model of contemporary beauty. In that commercial, Lee shows confident and matureness. Her beauty helps win the heart of audiences. But, with her own effort, she gradually lets us know the real her, instead of the characters she played. She shows us her unique beauty and sincere heart.
Walking step by step
Actors bring fictional life to their own lives so that audiences would indulge in roles they play and feel those emotions. By playing different roles, actors share those emotions with the public. If you want to be in the entertainment industry, you have to be patient and walk step by step. Lee walks along the path and goes into the hearts of everyone
No matter TV series or movies, she scrupulously select roles that fit her. She started her second movie 4 years after her first one. In her second movie “Joint Security Area”, Lee is still the careful, cautious lady I knew. She works very hard, and she is a modest actress. I remembered that scene I first saw her in a café. We met there for script discussion. She sat in that café elegantly with a white blouse and long skirt. Compared to other girls who act pretentiously and hold the coffee as if being stirred, Lee looks more attractive. Her beauty comes not only from her white skin and delicate face, she looks a little unreal and pale.
I am honored and happy to know more about her by shooting the movie.  
Discover her inner world
The director Chan-wook Park wrote on the diary for a movie journal that “Lee Young-ae is a lady that looks young in the appearance, but her heart is like a diffuser that keeps providing charisma. To meet her is something worth happy about.” I am not that familiar with her inner world. She wouldn’t show how hard she have worked deliberately, but somehow I can feel the passion and magic that she hid in her heart.
There are many different sides of her, she is like an onion that can be peeled layer by layer. I hope that the audience would see her performance in the movie and they can know that Lee Young-ae has grown and changed.
She is actually a passionate women and she disguised it under her cool appearance. The movie “Joint Security Area” shows her warm side to the audience. I wish that everyone can know this side of her, which is like the inner layer of an onion when she shows her true feelings. Lee Young-ae writes about her personal life and incidents happened in life in the book “A Most Special Love”, as a lady who often read and write in leisure time, she finally finish the autobiography. In this book, she shares her deep feelings with the readers and I believe that all the readers can find the charm of the actress and feel closer to her.