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Nepalese Paralyzed Painter - Amir Bhomjan
[The Bright Future of Mouth Painter]

Although I can’t write with my hand, but I can write with my mouth, draw with my mouth, sing with my mouth, and write poetry with my mouth.
- Amir Bhomjan

Miracle earthquake survival spreading love around the world
A worst earthquake in history erupted in Nepal in 2015 where 8,786 people died and 22,303 injured, and there was a mournful atmosphere everywhere for the vast number of injuries and deaths. People considered the devastating event as a tragedy, but not for Amir Bhomjan. He thinks that he is a lucky survival for he was diagnosed with the only case of “Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital” in Nepal at birth. He was rescued from a heap of rubbles but mysteriously self-taught for being able to paint with his mouth. He determines to paint out a bright future for the victims who suffered from the earthquake.

The congenital disease has caused dysplasia to Bhomjan’s feet and arms, and a paralyzed body from his neck downward, letting him to have maldeveloped hands and feet since childhood. Not only did the earthquake severely affected Bhomjan to face his physical incompleteness, but also destroyed his home by the ruthless natural disaster. His family was reduced as a hard-hit homeless household.

But Bhomjan was fortunately enough to be rescued by volunteers and sent to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. He was arranged to attend a special school to allow him to display his talents, such as painting, making music, and writing poetry.
Bhomjan who was assigned to attend a special school in Nepal needed to bite a brush with his mouth while painting due to his physical limitations. Through painting with his mouth, Bhomjan has painted colorful paintings one after another. Not only does he use his mouth to draw, but also write letters and poetry, and sing.

Although the great earthquake had caused many casualties, but it has changed Bhomjan’s life forever. He began to have dreams, hopes, and a bright future. He is currently striving to learn English and computer. His greatest hope is to exhibit his paintings in galleries. Chou, Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation of Taiwan had helped him realize his dreams by hosting two exhibitions at Taipei Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Huizhong Temple of Fo Guang Shan Monastery on November 3, 2017 and November 5, 2017, respectively.
Not fearing of the innate limitations caused by the congenital illness, the Nepalese juvenile Amir Bhomjan has learned to be self-reliant to draw up a bright future with his mouth. He also draws hopes and love, and imperceptibly become the best spokesperson for the global love of life that has touched Asia and stirred the world. He deserves to be praised as the “Paralyzed Painter” and stood out among 2616 candidates of Loved Life Medal from all walks of life in the world and won the “21st Fervent Global Love of Lives Award” in 2018 from Chou, Ta-Kuan Foundation in Taiwan. The Foundation always welcomes recommendations for life warriors from all walks of life in the world who are hardworking, benevolent, courageous, and have made great accomplishments, etc. (Fervent Global Love of Lives Award recommendation hotline of Chou, Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation of Taiwan: 02-29178770, Fax: 02-29178768, Address: 3F, No. 52, Mingde Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City, Website: http://www.ta.org.tw, e-mail: ta88ms17@gmail.com).
Disabled at birth, but optimistic to learn
Born on March 3, 2000, Amir Bhomjan grew up in Nepal’s remote town, Thaha. He was diagnosed with “Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital,” the only person in the country that suffered from such disease.

The congenital illness has caused dysplasia to his feet and arms, and a paralyzed body from his neck downward. For him to live in a remote village in Nepal, education has become an unprecedented luxury.

Born as the world’s poorest Tamang ethnic group
Bhomjan is a member of Tamang ethnic group. The Nepalese Tamang people are known for their hard work, honesty, candour and loyalty. However, the Tamans’ socioeconomic status in Nepal is marginal.

Because of Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital disease, Bhomjan has been diagnosed to have physical disorders, and shrunk and collapsed hands and feet at birth. As he cannot take care of himself, so his mother and grandmother have to be on guard by his side at any moment to take care of him painstakingly.

Bhomjan’s family has no steady income, and the family dispute has caused Bhomjan’s father unable to inherit his ancestral property, thus making his family’s financial even more difficult. They mainly earn their livelihood from farming. Although his family has a small plot of land in a remote village, but the farmland cannot provide enough food for the family. So they have to rely on the daily allowance to pay for the daily expenses at home.

Bhomjan’s parents are only ordinary people and are barely educated. Despite being poor, they still hope their children to receive education. Bhomjan is the eldest, followed by a younger brother and sister. His brother is studying seventh grade and his sister is also studying in a local school. For Bhomjan with innate disabilities, he is almost impossible to achieve his dream of going to school.
Regretted for unable to continue education
In fact, Bhomjan was also educated. A kind teacher was willing to come to Bhomjan’s house to teach him personally free of charge. He self-studied up to the fourth grade level at home, but the good fortune did not last long as the teacher later left because of personal issue.

Although another teacher was invited later on, but tuition fees were required. The entire social welfare fund received by Bhomjan was used to pay for learning-related expenses.

Due to the shrunk hands and feet, Bhomjan needs to be accompanied and helped by his family members while studying. Under the help of his mother, he completed the equivalent fifth-grade education.

Although he was eager to continue to study later on, but needed to travel a long way to school, thus forcing him to quit school eventually as he could not bear to see his mother sending him to school so arduously.
Nature is his best friend
Because of his disabilities, Bhomjan had spent a long time staying home alone.

 As his mother needs to go out to work, so Bhomjan does not have friends to chat with him at home, and there are discriminations against people with disabilities in the society. Other elder relatives and friends also look down on him and not willing to make friend with him.

Loneliness is a portrayal of him every day, but it has also opened up different opportunities for his life. When he is alone, he is accompanied by nature and other things to become the objects that reconcile his mind.
Soon his father noticed that Bhomjan was very interested in colors then, and so prepared some relevant books for him.

Later on, Bhomjan found that he could use his creations, his art works, his songs and his poetry to disperse loneliness.

Bhomjan also regards nature as his friend. Whenever he sings a song, the wind would blow the leaves as if to accompany him.

Despite his physical disabilities, Bhomjan uses his mouth to replace his hands to write, paint, manipulate the mobile phone, write poetry, create stories and picture books, and sing songs. These talents and interests have made him no longer lonely.
The discovery of paralyzed talent in the devastating earthquake
On April 25, 2015, a strong earthquake hit Nepal. The Karuna Foundation collaborated with The United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) hosted a child protection plan to protect the disadvantaged children from subjecting to greater harm and ensure that the relief supplies are distributed fairly to these children without discrimination.

While working in that area, a staff member of the Grace Foundation was impressed when he found the special talent of Bhomjan. The teenager would use his mouth to operate the mobile phone and create several pieces of sketches, poetry, songs and other works on his own that touched Asia and stirred the world.

Receiving multiple helps and a cart
The Grace Foundation took Bhomjan to Kathmandu for inspection and treatment.

On December 14, 2015, the Grande International Hospital, Kathmandu diagnosed Bhomjan to suffer from Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital.

The doctor stated that there is currently no surgical method that can improve or correct Bhomjan’s physical conditions. Therefore, he has to find alternative methods to see if he can use customized medical aids to assist Bhomjan in practicing self-care.

As a result, Bhomjan went to the Special Education and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (SERC) to undergo further rehabilitation assessments. After the evaluation, Bhomjan received the first transport tool in his life - a custom-made cart.
Finally self-reliant and keen to learn
Today, Bhomjan has finally no need his mother to take care of him at any time. He is happy that he will no longer be the burden of his family.

The Grace Foundation has set out short-term and long-term action plans and hoped to do its utmost to help Bhomjan enjoy a better life.

As Bhomjan has already possessed the expertise to write poetry, painting and singing, so the Grace Foundation invited talents from related fields to serve as the mentors for Bhomjan.

After the earthquake disaster, Bhomjan’s house was no longer suitable for living. The Grace Foundation also helped them build a new house and prepare all the basic supplies. The Foundation also plans to assist Bhomjan consistently in the future and train him to become a well-known artist.

The song “Aama” spreads love to the world
Bhomjan works hard every day to learn. His writing ability has greatly improved. He likes to call his writing style as oral writing. Bhomjan also constantly strives to improve his painting skills. In addition, Bhomjan owns a unique and wonderful voice and also has superior singing skills.
Not only only does he have a Nepalese famous composer Mr. Nhyoo Bajracharya to work as a singing tutor for Bhomjan, but also Mr. Kiran Manandhar, the former President of the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts to coach him in painting.

Formally, Bhomjan’s mood was full of dark clouds and depression, which could often been seen in his poetry, songs and other artistic creations. Today, he is a bit cheerful and has regained his self-esteem because he can do something meaningful.

The Grace Foundation wants to record his songs and hopes that the songs will focus on empathy instead of sadness and melancholy.

Bhomjan agreed to amend the contents of the songs. The “Aama” that has been released: meaning the mother tongue of a Nepali mother, describes Bhomjan’s gratitude to her mother and expresses that her mother has never asked for any reward but devoted all her efforts to him.

In Bhomjan’s paintings, the themes are dominated by his motherland Nepal, or the beauty of nature around him which reflect his patriotism and his love for primitive beauty.
Bhomjan likes to inject nature and Nepal into his pictures. He used canvas to express his personal feelings, reveal his willpower with poetry and songs, and record his daily life in the diary. They are almost like an autobiography.

Art has become the life of Bhomjan. He likes reading, but as he needs to concentrate on his study, he cannot spend too much time reading.

Caught global attention to more than 1.8 million followers
Bhomjan’s outstanding achievements in learning, the ingenuity paintings and inspirational songs has prompted Grace Foundation to decide to bring Bhomjan to the world, and it can also open up opportunities for Bhomjan in his future development.
On May 20, 2016, Grace Foundation hosted a special exhibition at Russian Center for Science and Culture in Kathmandu and arranged Bhomjan to sing his songs in this special exhibition.

That opportunity has allowed everyone to admire the infinite potential of mankind and witness how Bhomjan has reversed his innate flaws and created a bright life.

Bhomjan’s song “Aama” is very touching, and the MV has also evoked the innermost emotions of the audiences. Few new artistic talents can match with Bhomjan to attract so much attention.
Bhomjan’s live film has been transmitted wildly on YouTube, where the viewership has come close to 1.8 million. He has also attracted the interest of domestic and foreign media and the public.

From unknown to the public until the focus of attention, the road gone through by Bhomjan is full of hardships. His strong determination and willpower to defeat adversity has created an extraordinary life for him. This kind of life is what a severely disabled person like him has never yearned for.

Best spokesperson for people worldwide who treasure love
Bhomjan has performed extremely well in his speeches, writing, painting and singing.

The singing tutor Nhyoo Bajracharya said that through his advancement in singing, writing and painting skills, Bhomjan is expected to be an outstanding speaker in the future as inspired by his own experience.

For people like Bhomjan with innate disabilities, they are hindered by various obstacles in attitudes, systems, and communication which prevent them from realizing their rights. However, everybody believes that Bhomjan would eventually stand on top of these obstacles, become independent and rely on his own efforts to live a dignified life.

Bhomjan is an excellent painter, singer, composer and poet. He is also an outstanding speaker who can truly inspire people.

The story of Bhomjan’s success is also a best example that everybody is born to be useful. It has become a role model for the public and is also the best spokesperson for the people worldwide who love and cherish their lives.