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Making contributions to the others in a life
      Fr. Istvan Jaschko, born in 1911 in Hungary, Graduated from Munchen University, a missionary of Society of Jesus of Catholicism. He opened hospitals in Hebei Province and Taiwan, and established St. Joseph’s Center for Special Education and Catholic Hua Kuang Social Welfare Foundation. He believed that China was a country of culture, so he came to Hebei Province from Hungary to promote Catholicism there.
      During the period of wars, Fr. Jaschko opened a hospital in Hebei with the assistance of Red Cross, which saved many people’s lives and also fostered a great many of physicians for the benefit of Chinese people. However, he was expelled in 1955 due to political reasons.
      After that, Fr. Jaschko came to Taiwan, where he set up civilian clinics in coastal areas of Chiayi, and “Catholic Hospital for the Poor” at Lucao Village. Furthermore, he opened nurseries or nursing schools at the towns and villages, and assisted the poor youth in studying abroad, or poor families in improving their lives.
      In 1974, Fr. Jaschko came from Chiayi to Hsinchu, finding that a lot of mentally-retarded children wandered around in the street. So, he determined to put focus on special education, and set up a St. Joseph’s Center for Special Education in Hsinchu City next year. In 1983, he set up Catholic Hua Kuang Social Welfare Foundation in Guansi, and employed some experts to teach these disabled children with special and occupational educations.
      Over the past two decades, Fr. Jaschko cultivated over 1000 disabled or handicapped. Now, he’s preparing a plan to help more disabled and other disadvantaged. Meanwhile, Fr. Jaschko encouraged the parents to earn rights for their children.
      Setting his target of “assisting the poor and disadvantaged”, he committed himself to the religious and social services, and made every effort to boost the social welfare in disregard of the fame and wealth as well as social status: love your life, respect the others’ lives and maintain the earth’s life.