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Disclosing the secret of black bears in the mountain
      Huang Shiou-Mei, female, born in 1970 in Chiayi, graduated from Biology Department, National Taiwan Normal University, Animal Research Institute of National Taiwan University, Species Research Institute, University of Minnesota, professor of Pingtung University of Science and Technology.

      She went several times to the mountainous areas in eastern Taiwan, and tried to get the first-hand data of black bears. Whenever catching a black bear, she embedded a wireless tracker into it, drawn blood, pulled hair and measured weight, etc, or took some photos; sometimes she made DNA and Hormone analysis from the feces.
       Despite of the hardships and loneliness in remote mountainous areas, she persisted on her study, then was covered by DISCOVERY, and recognized by Japanese medium as the first Taiwanese scientist who disclosed the secret of black bears through satellite tracking and capture, and nominated by Jane Goodall as the first Asian ecologist. She created a miracle of ecological protection in Taiwan, and made the first step to maintain the lives on the earth.