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A Mother Earth making contribution in her life
      Sr. Madeleine Severen, female, born in 1918 in a farmland of Belgium nearby Netherlands, graduated from Nursing Department, Leuven University, Belgium. On May 4, 1945, she became a sister of MISSIONARY SISTERS OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPT'N: “do what Jesus want us to do--make all of us generous to accommodate the entire world”; In 1947, she started her tour to China, and worked in Catholic hospitals in Kunming, Beijing, Zhangjiakou, Inner Mongolia, Suiyuan and Gan County in Jiangxi Province, but was prisoned between May 1949~1953, and repatriated to Belgium.
      She came to Taiwan in 1966, worked for 7 years as a midwife in St. Taipei Josef-Hospital, and then went to work at Kimen in 1973, and at Matzu from January 6, 1976; she was awarded medical contribution prize in 1995, and called mother of Matzu and Teresa of Taiwan.
      She showed her care to the others, planted the seed of love to the heart of the people and in the soil of culture.