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 Living without complaint
      Liu Shan-Jun, female, born in 1975 in Taipei. She suffered from neurofibroma, Lymphadenoma and pimeloma at 5 years old, but lived optimistically under look after of her parents, who worked around-the-clock and asked for medical treatment from famous physicians. To help her parents reduce the burden, she worked part-time in a supermarket. She was graduated from Taipei Special Education School in June, 1995.
       Though she couldn’t go to college (National Sun Yat-Sen University) due to the cancer, she learnt hard by herself, without giving up any hope of life. She said firmly: “I find that death and life have their determined appointment; riches and honors depend upon Heaven; I don’t think the Heaven is unfair to me, since somebody is healthy with a defective family; but I have good parents. The hope lies with myself.” She wrote a book “Joy in deaf world” based on her cancer-fighting experience, and hoped to share her joy with the others.