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Love could overcome all barriers
      Bao Ching-Rong, female, born in 1985 in Taipei, a student in New York, the U.S.. She suffered from serious cerebral palsy when she was given birth only 8-month. Since then, she underwent medical treatment in terms of physics, functionality and language in the hospital.
       Adhering to the belief that “love could overcome all barriers”, her family set up “Cerebral Palsy Association of ROC”, wherein she was a good ambassador, stating that: “cerebral palsy cannot paralyze my life”.
      She encountered many difficulties everyday, for example, some classmates once turned a cold shoulder on her: “Bao Ching-Rong, get away”, or kept a distance away from her. In such an environment, she never gave up and persisted on learning with strong desire for knowledge and arts.
      Bao Ching-Rong also acted as a permanent volunteer of The Cerebral Palsy Association of ROC, Technology Development Association of the Handicapped and Taipei Swimming Society of the Disabled, particularly, she printed and sold universal cards to help the disabled who need help. She was awarded Mayor Medal of Taipei Ren Ay Elementary School, two golden and one silver medals of SB750 frog swimming competition in the national sports event of disabled, and also selected as a candidate player of 2001 Special Olympics. She promised to serve as a teacher of nursery school--assist the disabled children; and practiced 2000m swimming everyday, and won a golden medal in Special Olympics.
      On May 7, 2000, she was elected by UNESCO as a single representative in Asian region among 12 model children as “stars of the future”.