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Fighting cancer to transfer hope
      Chen Hsuan-Fang, female, born in 1975 in Ilan, graduated from Translation Research Institute of National Taiwan Normal University. She was open-minded and expert in writing, calligraphy and painting; she won the championship of 1994 National Tourism Essay Contest, broke the record of 1,600m competition in the senior high school, and won the fourth place in the 1998 Martial Art Competition for Universities. Unfortunately, she suffered from serious bone tumor in grade three of the university, and after painful chemotherapy process, she bravely rejected amputation and left the hospital.
      Chen Hsuan-Fang stood up again thanks to the treatment of TCM, and then faced the life more optimistically. Furthermore, she took part in various research and volunteer activities, was appointed as 1998 goodwill ambassador of China Youth Corps to advocate Chinese culture around the world, and was invited to attend the “”Night of Culture” of World Union of Catholic Nurse Societies. In her part-time, she acted as a volunteer of “Love Sister” cancer support association--share experience and transfer hope.