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Searching for lightness
      Lyu Chian-Yu, female, born in 1979 in Taipei, graduated from English Department, Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages. She was blind at 2 years old due to failure of congenital cataract operation, and grew up with the thoughtful care of parents. She had the same feeling of Helen Keller: “when I opened my Braille watch and touched the hour and minute hands, I know I have a different and difficult journey in my life”.
      She was graduated from Taipei School for the Visually Impaired in June, 1996, and admitted to English Department, Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages with the highest score. At the same time, she attended positively various activities: won the championship of 100m short-run and second place of jump in 1993 International Handicapped Sports, and also acted as the master of the ceremony, leader of menu team and health team, director of English Society and team leader& editor of Couch Club--responsible for preparation of the performance of folk dance, Latin dance, Japanese dance and aboriginal dance; she often won awards in lecture competitions in Chinese, English and Japanese languages; her new poem “bottle” won the literature prize of 3rd National Disabled Organization and her essay “searching for love” won the culture prize.
      Besides, she set an example by facing bravely the life’s challenge. In particular, she made an in-depth stud of special education and welfare of the disabled in Japan, and promised to make contributions to the society after returning home and help them break the restriction of darkness--search for lightness.