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Living as the last day
      Yang Yu-Hsin, female, born in 1974 in Hsinchu, graduated from National College of Art with excellent performance. Her favorite includes: music performance in flute and piano playing; an anchorwoman of BLTV news, leader of Lines Indoor Orchestra, and speaker of Rare Disease Foundation. She suffered from “Miyoshi Clan Remote Myasthenia” at 19 years old, but tried to win benefit for the disadvantaged.
      She attended proactively various public welfare activities, faced her disease optimistically and put more focus on other patients and public welfare. When talking about her disease, she said she would cherish her life and live as the last day. How does she face uncertain future with fearless spirit.
      She carried out her motto with practice: “Living as the last day”, and enriched herself more happily.
      Therefore, she dealt with her disease calmly and bravely. She always believes that: many people in the society need the fundamental dignity of life; the people who can walk shall walk more for the handicapped; those who can speak shall speak more for the dumb; this could extend our love to the others -- “look, it’s time to daybreak—this is the spark and light of life collision“!