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Meeting the life challenge to write books
      Liu Yan-Tian, pen name: Yu-Hsuan, male, born in 1943 in Changhua, a worker of Taichung County Government after graduation from junior high school, admitted to Feng Yuan Senior Business School and then Feng Jia College in 1968, served as a general affairs leader of Feng Nan Junior High School. Unfortunately, they encountered a traffic accident nearby Daya, four classmates died, and he paralyzed and had to keep the bed for 37 years.
      However, he persisted on, and tried to write papers with mouth and published in newspapers and magazines a series of articles such as: “Meeting the challenge”, “Every man has his gift”, “China is expecting you to become stronger”, “You’re an architect of your own fortune”, “Introduction to Buddhism”, “Fighting the paralysis”. He won the first Renaissance Literature Medal, and also donated money to the charities and governments or institutions of handicapped. Also, he served as a volunteer and devoted himself to writing with heart and soul.