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Passing through the valley of Parkinson’s disease
      Li Liang-Hsiu, male, born in 1954 in Taipei, bachelor of science of National Tsing Hua University, doctor of Clemson University(US), also a chemistry professor of National Sun Yat-Sen University/ He was diagnosed to be suffered from Parkinson’s disease in 1991. Over the past decade, he wrote the first book in the world for fighting with Parkinson’s disease--“Passing through the valley of Parkinson’s disease”.
      From his behavior, we had a deeper insight into the limited/unlimited, fragile/tenacious life, especially the striking potential and vital force under harsh pressure. With the care and support of his families, teachers and classmates, he successfully opened an avenue of hope. He believed that: a wise head may not fear about the difficulty. The disease couldn’t deprive of a man’s right in enjoying life; without mentioning the thought. We hope he could live more splendidly!