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A lamp for the dark corner of the society
      Tzeng Yi-Shih, male, born in 1953 in Taipei, a former executive secretary of special training group, the Ministry of Education--establishing an education regulation for the disabled and a special education system, vice director of SYS Memorial House; he established “APAD” and “Fu-Li Rehabilitation Association for Teenaged Amputees, ROC”, and the first-ever “Crescent Moon Dance Troupe” comprising amputee dancers, whereby they conducted psychological guidance to the disabled in order to exhibit their vitality through arts performance and illuminating the dark corner of the society.
      “Jiuzhou Island under moonlight--crescent moon statement” was proclaimed together with international leaders: crescent moon or full moon, beautifying, singing, flying or dancing…….. He also led “Crescent Moon Dance Theatre” to attend the arts performance in “Pass the Flame” ceremony for 2000 International Abilympics, and conduct the performance in the city hall of Sydney (a single foreign organization invited during Abilympics), creating huge influence and positive response around the world.