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Creating the artistic hometown for indigenous people
      Chen Jing-Sheng, male, born in 1936 in Guangdong, graduated in 1960 from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, modeling from Guan Shanyue and Li Xiongcai, Lingnan School, a manager of indigenous people’s arts studio.

      He worked in Hainan Island over 2 decades, during which he once organized an arts team of indigenous people in the tribes, lived together with them and fostered a series of artists.
      In 1990, he migrated to Taiwan, and tried to apply his arts experience of indigenous people from Hainan to Taiwan. He committed himself to collection, research, recording and creation of indigenous people’s arts--colored painting of folk customs, and also tried best to support the local artists in creating an artistic hometown for the benefit of indigenous people and restoring their dignity and vital force. He was awarded “2001年Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal” issued by Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation.