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Becoming a public welfare enthusiast from an abandoned child
      Cheng Yu-Sheng, female, abandoned at the gate of Qiaoai Church, Dasi Township, Taoyuan County on a rainy night in 1985. On the next morning, she was found by a volunteer of Qiaoai Church responsible for the cleaning work. Cheng Yu-Sheng was born with only 3 fingers and 3 toes for her right hand and foot, but she became a beautiful and healthy girl under thoughtful care of Chen Mei-Qiong--the nurserymaid of Qiaoai Church.
      But, she had to go to school by creeping. Under the encouragement of the church’s master, she finally learnt how to walk after many efforts and practices. Now she could walk, run and jump as a healthy girl. Cheng Yu-Sheng made good performance at Qiaoai elementary school, Renhe Middle School or Yangming High School. She won the first place several times at the school’s mathematics competition in scientific exhibitions, and also became a frequent winner of basketball match, composition, abacus and mental calculation competitions, and even the President Educational Award.
      Su Suluan, the tutorship director of National Yangming High School, said that Cheng Yu-Sheng was a volunteer of Life Line Association and Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, and made many contributions in assorting the invoices, checking the lotteries, distributing the ads of donation or cleaning the room for the vegetable beings, and encouraging other students to do voluntary jobs.
      Yu-Sheng was a monitor and a helper of the teachers and classmates since elementary school. She was eager to resolve any problem encountered by other classmates. Now she is a representative of her class in Grade 3 of National Yangming High School, and also the general secretary of the school student council.
      Yu-Sheng doesn’t complaint her parents though she was abandoned by them. She is an optimistic, self-confident girl, and also grateful to the love of her foster father, the guardians, teachers, classmates and friends. So, she is determined to be a teacher who can spread her love to the children like her teachers, or a sea guardian as she loves dolphins and hopes to extend her love to other creatures.