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I still can walk even by crouching, I want to walk all over the beautiful world
      Chiu Chun-Nan, male, born in 1985 in Pingtung, graduated from Electronic department, Pingtung Industrial Vocational School. He suffered a serious accident at his childhood and couldn’t walk. But, under the thoughtful care of his parents Chiu Chen-Hsiung and Lin Su-Mei, he fought against all the difficulties bravely, as Chou Ta-Kuan said, “I Still Have One Leg, I want to walk all over the beautiful world”, he believed “I still can walk even by crouching, I want to walk all over the beautiful world”. He became the first crouching walker in the world.
      When he was about 3 years old, Chun-Nan met an accident and his hands and feet were broken when he passed the road with his grandfather in Meinong village, Kaohsiung County at 10 am on April 21, 1988. After a 10 hours’ operation and 10 subsequent operations, he survived at last without crying. So, all the paramedics called him “little optimistic prince”.
      But, when he was recovered after these operations, he found that the lower half of his body had no consciousness and he couldn’t stand up. His parents felt very sad about it, but “the little optimistic prince” could still comfort them with a smile. Notwithstanding the doctors found no way to cure him, they didn't’ give up and finally obtained a miraculous help in a private TCM clinic. After acupuncture, massage and TCM treatment for more then 20 years, Chun-Nan was physically recovered and could walk by crouching.
      Chun-Nan experienced this torture process with his bravery and optimism. Especially, his parents treated him without any discrimination, and often led him to make a tour or play with other children.
      Sometimes, Chun-Nan felt depressed, but resumed quickly under the patient guidance of his parents. Lu Yinghua, director of the staff room of Pingtung Industrial Vocational School, said: Chun-Nan has become an “optimistic king” since he always treat the others’ cold eyes with courage and willpower, and win the friendship and respect with genuine smile and enthusiasm. He contributed a lot to the public service activities, and served as a permanent volunteer of “family program of promoting the learning capability”.
      Plato said, “conquering oneself is the most glorious victory since it requires stronger bravery”. Chun-Nan set a good example for the people with his courage, enthusiasm, optimism and earnestness to conquer all the difficulties.