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Looking at the world with love and facing the future optimistically
      Chung Wan-Chen, pen name Man-Lin, female, born in 1972 in Taichung, graduated from International Trade Department of Taichung Vocational Senior High, and Tourism Department of Providence University; she was diagnosed of brain tumor in 2000 at the peak of her career. The brain tumor will result in psychiatric disorder and personality disorder, and compress olfactory nerve and optic nerve in the case of untimely medical treatment.
      After the brain tumor was removed on May 1, 2000, Wan-Chen had to face the challenges such as: loss of smell, visual disability and physical weakness. But she never gave up the hope of life, and still cherished the life. Nevertheless, the brain tumor relapsed in 2001, and she had to have another operation in June.
      Since then, Wan-Chen’s attitude toward life had changed a lot, and tried to log her thought with a recorder, write novels with computer, paint with a magnifier, and also attended positively various charity activities. She was awarded Cultural Medal of Council for Cultural Affairs and Literary Prize for Light of Darkness of Home Affairs Ministry, wrote a book named “Seeing the light of life”, and published her life experience while chairing the radio program “looking at the world with love” to share the value and meaning of life with the listeners, and became a volunteer of eight vulnerable groups. Being an optimist, Wan-Chen published many articles in China Times, United Daily News and The Liberty Times. She published “Seeing the light of life” in December 2002, and won the worldwide recognition. She was a speaker of many blind people, and served as a volunteer of a radio for sharing her experience with others.
      Wan-Chen created actively every possibility in her life, and took part in various volunteering activities in churches, schools, institutions and even prisons, encouraging the others to love life with enthusiasm.
      Recently, Wan-Chen taught the disabled to accommodate themselves to the life individually or by means of tutorship.
      Wan-Chen agreed with what Helen Keller said: “disability is not unfortunate but just inconvenient, and hope always exists as long as we live”. “Let us spread love”, thus expanding the unlimited value with limited life.