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Painting with hope and growing with love
      Chien Chun-Yu, male, born in 1992 in Taipei, graduated from Ta Kuan Elementary School in Banchiao City. In 1996, four-year-old Chien Chun-Yu was diagnosed of hereditary MPS-2(mucopolysaccharidosis), which was an incurable disease, and nobody could live over 30 years old until now.
      Under thoughtful care of his parents Chian Jin-Chi and Fu Shu-Yu, sister Chian Bei-Rong and Chian Shao-Chuan, and the encouragement of headmaster Wu Yu-Mei, and all the teachers and students of Ta Kuan Elementary School, he overcame the difficulties arising from MPS, such as: intellectual damage, skeleton distortion, physical stiffness and heart atrophy. He showed the dignity and hope of life with his paintings. In 2002, he was awarded excellent prize for the disabled students, good growth prize with painting and award for the most creative student in Taipei County.
      In despite of his weak physical strength, he always took part in various activities such as sweeping, cleaning the blackboard or distributing exercise books. To our surprise, he achieved good performance in swimming, healthcare exercise and music competitions. Moreover, he often reminded his mother with excessive care: “I’m afraid you will get dizziness, you’d better go to bed sooner”.
      In the school, he was also eager to help the others whenever the teacher had a sore throat or the students were sick. In particular, he often extended his helping hand in the public welfare activities held by the school. So, he was awarded the highest honor--Warm Sun at Ta Kuan Elementary School.
      Chien Chun-Yu was optimistic, hard-working and kind-hearted, and also brave enough to fight the disease. He also painted the rainbow, dignity and hope in the life. The story of Chien Chun-Yu deeply moved the personnel of “2004 Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal Review Committee”, Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation, so he was awarded “2004 Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal” at CKS Memorial Hall on March 25, 2004, as the first MPS artist all over the world.