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Offering her true love despite of cancer
      H.K.S.Lu, female, born in 1916 in Penghu, passed away on March 31st 1986, with 11 children and relatives around the world(Hua-Li, Hua-Chen, Hua-Chao, Lu-Man, Lu-Ku, Liang-Chian, Hua-Hui, Min-Chian, Rong-Chian, Hua-Chuan, Hua-Yuan). Though she suffered from cancer, she didn’t give up painting with her true love to the others, which made us deeply moved. At the later stage of uterine carcinoma in 1982, she still painted two bees collecting nectar, along with an epigram: “thinking of others represents top-class knowledge; wealth may disappear, but virtue will be kept forever”.
      She went abroad at 60 years old with her 11 children after her husband passed away. Since then, her career as an artist began. In 1975, she was diagnosed of uterine neoplasms, but she treated it composedly and contributed to painting with great achievements.
      Inconceivably, she had many experience of painting during a dozen years of medical treatment process, and grew from an illiterate to the first cancer artist in Taiwan. Love, kind-heartedness and sincerity could be felt in her drawings.
      Her calligraphy was simple but meaningful; her drawings were bright, dynamic and encouraging. She expressed her idea and hope of persistence in every painting. She drew the dark color representing disease into bright one showing vital force and passion.
      Her drawing for congratulating President Reagan’s continuance in office was deeply appreciated by the president himself.
      Mrs. Lu’s spirit inspired many people to love life and grasp the current opportunities. With her mercy, loyalty and persistence, her family flourished again and set up Lucoral & Lupearl Group, Wish Foundation, Jewelry Institute of America, International Pearl Association, and Lucoral Museum. Her children also donated thousand of pearls to Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation for establishing “Chen Jingqiu Medical Care Volunteer Group”--let Mrs. Lu’s love spread over every corner of the world.
      Mrs. H.K.S.Lu met successfully the challenge of cancer and tried to realize her dream--“the meaning of life is to help the others find out their meaning of lives”. She left invaluable spiritual asset to the world as a “pearl shining forever”.