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Never give up in despite of neuroblastoma
      Kao Wei-Chih, male, born 1994 in Taipei, now a student of Wu Feng Junior High School. When he was 1 year old, he suffered from malignant neuroblastoma. To save his life, the doctor had to resect his left eyeball. However, he was brave enough to fight this cancer, thanks to his father’s comprehensive knowledge about this cancer, his mother’s thoughtful care and professional treatment of physicians in National Taiwan University Hospital.
      Kao never laid the blame on others. When he was hospitalized, he served as a volunteer to the children’s sickrooms. He took part several times in the public welfare activity of “delivering love to hospitals” organized by Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation. Now he is the youngest volunteer of ‘neuroblastoma group’--a volunteer group to encourage the children to fight against cancers. So he often lives with the children patients by singing songs to them. He is highly welcomed by those children and their parents. In the parents’ perspective, he is an indicator of confidence in fighting the cancer.
      As his left eyeball was resected, Wei-Chih has got an artificial eye and has to replace it every three years. Sometimes his classmates made a joke on him and called him a “single-eyed boy”, he never got angry. More importantly, Wei-Chih has a good performance in the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic domains. He is also thoughtful, sensible and warm-hearted. So both the teachers and classmates consider him an amicable angel. Now, he is the chief violinist in Orchestra of Bei Hsin Elementary School.