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Defeating cancer with love
      DatoMohd. Farid Ariffin, male, born in 1942 in Pinang, Malaysia, an incumbent president of Malaysia National Cancer Council (MAKNA).
      He served as deputy minister of public health of Malaysia in 1989~1995, but resigned from his post to look after his son suffered from cancer. To raise the concern of general public about cancer, he founded in 1995 Malaysia National Cancer Council (MAKNA), which delivers consultative services, medical treatment, transplantation of bone marrow, hospitalization facilities, clinic services, End of Life-Care, economic assistance and grief counseling, etc. Meanwhile, it’s engaged in cancer research and offers free-of-charge medical treatment of cancer patients in cooperation with Malaysia National University. It has helped 9559 cancer patients successfully up to now, and won the reputation of “cancer killer” in Malaysia.
       DatoMohd. Farid Ariffin was born to a poor family. In order to support the family, he became a child labor without going to school. When picking odds and ends from refuse heaps, he tidied up and classified the old books, and establish a small library to attract the local children. Then he set up a book club. With his positive attitude, he finished the courses of elementary school and high senior school study by himself. In 1967, he was enrolled to Malaysia Normal University, and was elected as the president of Students Association.
      After graduation, he was elected as a congressman of Malaysia Parliament and become a speaker of the poor. He studied in Britain, and then drove from London to Malaysia with his family, via 28 countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Hungary and Turkey, between 1977 and 1978. Then he wrote a book about his experience, which became the best seller of Malaysia. With the royalties, he got the MBA degree of Harvard University.
      Then, he was employed as a lecturer of Malaysia University. At the same time, he became a part-time lawyer for the benefit of the poor. He was promoted as the vice finance minister from 1987 to 1989, and the first vice health minister from 1989 to 1995. However, his child was suffered from leukemia, so he resigned from his position and took care of his child around the clock.
      He witnessed the miserable medical treatment process including bloodletting, examination, blood transfusion, operation, therapy and electrotherapy. So, he determined to find an anti-cancer organization to deliver love and assistance to the sufferers and their families, no matter whether his child could be cured or not.
      He extended his love to others by donating all his money. In 1995, he set up Malaysia National Cancer Council(MAKNA) to call for the attention of the people all over the country. Today, they have 100 employees to offer consulting, treatment, bone-marrow transplantation, hospital facilities, outpatient service, economic aid, End of Life-Care and grief counseling. From 1995 to now, MAKNA has helped 9559 sufferers to survive the cancer and 175668 family members get rid of the despair.
      DatoMohd. Farid Ariffin paid little attention to his official position, and loved his son to the greatest possible extent, for example, resignation from his senior official position, establishment of Malaysia National Cancer Council. So, he helped many patients overcome the difficulties and live with hope, so he’s recognized as a cancer killer.