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Fighting cancer through fence-play
      Yu Tsui-Yi, female, born in 1984 in Hong Kong, graduated from Our Lday of the Rosary College. Though she lost her calf owing to bone cancer, she didn’t give up her struggle for her eagerness to sports and hope of life. Through training, she became a fence-player and won the first world female championship of wheelchair fence-play in Hong Kong. She also took part in voluntary activities, shared her positive outlook of life. She set an objective of attending Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
      However, when she was only 10 years old, a protuberant tumor in her left foot was diagnosed in December 1994as a bone cancer. She faced the fact and turned to comfort her heartbroken mother.
      During her treatment in the hospital, she ever witnessed a boy who finally died of cancer since he gave up his hope of life. Therefore, she underwent 36 intensive chemotherapies in nine months, resulting in weight decline from 52kg to 40kg. Soon after she returned to school, the bone of her left leg was hurt – a hole behind the knee. Although she took the doctor’s advice for operation, the wound was ulcerated. To avoid the possible transfer of bone cancer, the doctors gave an amputation of her left calf.
      But, she was so lovely, pleasant and cheerful, so she attended a sports association of the physically disabled at 16 years old. Occasionally, she made friends with some fence-players. Since then, volunteer jobs and fence-play became a major element of her life. In May, 2000, she attended an international competition in Italy on behalf of HK, and won two silver medals in foil fencing and epee. In 2002, she obtained four gold medals of female epee, individual foil fencing and group contest in Pusan, South Korea, meanwhile, she was awarded Asia Edification Model Medal of Reader’s Digest and the medal of most excellent athlete in HK.
      Many strangers considered fence-play as a very exciting sport, so they wondered why a disabled girl loves this game? In such case, she answered patiently: a fence-player will face different competitors every time, so it’s very interesting to understand their personalities and characters beforehand in order to defeat them. Moreover, she could make friends and earn reputation for her country.
      Whenever she was interviewed by the journalists, she answered that it was very important to keep patience. You cannot predict success or failure if you don’t have a try. In spite of the championship today, it doesn’t mean you can permanently stand at the peak. How to keep it? The answer is continuous improvement and struggle with a happy mood.