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Living a happy life optimistically
      Oose Toshiyaki, male, born in 1946 in Kobe, Japan, passed away in 2004; headmaster of Hamanogu Elementary School, Kanagawa, a former director of Kanagawa Education Commission and Youth Office. In 1998, he was assigned to set up Hamanogu Elementary School--the first one in Japan for life education, and also served as the headmaster. He was diagnosed of gastric carcinoma in January, 2000, and immediately made his disease publicly available to the teachers and students, stressing that “the headmaster is fighting the cancer”, and emphasizing the value of life.
       Hamanogu Elementary School is a life education elementary school in Japan under the Ministry of Education. In recent years, a variety of plants and flowers are cultivated, and many animals and insects are raised to conduct “life education” with the great effort of Mr. Ohze.
       The another feature of Hamanogu Elementary School is that the disadvantaged students are? looked after on a priority basis, and every teacher, student and employee is respected, for example, the physically disabled teachers and students are treated fairly. Mr. Ohze believed that “Heaven has made us talents”. A new era of life education could be exploited only through respect and care. As the way of farming determines the harvest, the attitude of the teachers determines the fortune of students. So, life education is regarded as an education that recognizes the difference and failure, but loves life, exploits the potential of life and protects the life resources. Mr. Ohze opened a new leaf of life education in Japan, and won positive recognition in various sectors and wide coverage of international media.
      Since he was diagnosed of cancer, Mr. Ohze insisted on working and lecturing, even though he became extremely weak in July, 2003. Some students tried to stop him, but Mr. Ohze said, they could realize the importance of life from his disease, and the life would continue like a relay race.
      As a whole, Mr. Ohze is praised as a “cancer-fighting headmaster” thanks to his courage, persistence, optimism and love. And, the life story of Mr. Ohze was highly recognized by “2004 Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal Review Committee” of Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation. In July 10, 2003, his disease became worse. So, the chief executive officer Zhao Cuihui went hurriedly to Japan on July 31, 2003, and awarded Mr. Ohze “2004 Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal”, arousing wide coverage and response of international medium. Unfortunately, Mr. Ohze passed away on January 5, 2004.