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Defeating the disease and looking after the patients with love
      Paul Brenner, male, born in 1933 to a Jewish family in Europe. His father lost the chance of education due to war, so he supervised and urged strictly to bring his learning potential into full play. On the other hand, his mother taught him in a free and open-minded way. He was graduated from the Brown University with best performance in 1956, and graduated from the New York Medical College in 1961, then became a famous gynecologist. He was promoted to the position of directorship of Affiliate Hospital of California International University in 1966. He attended a rescue team in 1976 to offer medical treatment in Guatemala Earthquake.
       The experience in Guatemala opened a window of soul for him: everybody can find out their own position in the life through enlightenment related to anything and anyone else. Since then, he started to explore the meaning of life. Under the help of thanatological scholar Elisabeth Kublerross, he became a consultative physician of cancer, and emphasized the need of medical treatment combining human body, psychology and soul. He was diagnosed of cancer in 1997, but obtained PhD of Consulting Psychology of Occupational Psychology Institute, California International University in 2000. He was awarded the medal of smoking prevention study in 1972, and enlightenment medal of the U.S. in 1980, and published “Life is a Shared Creation”, “Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes”, and “Buddha the Waiting Room”. Now, he is the director of Medical Aid Research Center of the U.S. and Social Biology Department of Medical College, California International University.
       When Paul was 10 years old, one of his best friends fell down to the ground and died three days later. At that time, he was determined to become a physician and try his best to deliver medical aid to the others.
      In 1968, the American youngsters were addicted with drug and unmarried pregnancy along with social disease. As the director of female cancer department of Medical College, California International University and also the chief inspector of family planning, Paul called for retrospect of women and worked for the women’s rights. He also offered free-of-charge diagnosis in San Diego for the benefit of women of youngsters, and advocated correct sexual education and healthcare, wisdom and dignity of life in the elementary schools.
      In 1974, Paul Brenner went to Taiwan for learning Qigong from Master Li Feng-Shan, and then delivered a lecture in Taipei Medical College. He was sick of the American health insurance system, and worried about the waste of medical resources. When a big earthquake happened in Guatemala in 1976, he was the first to join in the medical rescue team. Although Guatemalan accident made him recognize the meaning of the life again, he decided to give up the career of being a physician with the change of medical environment. He devoted his life to deliver consultative services to the patients, and made lectures across the U.S., Canada and some European countries.
      In 1997, he underwent a series of medical treatment after he was diagnosed of cancer, meanwhile he made efforts to explore the meaning of health, wisdom and dignity of life. He published three books to provide further insight into the life. Moreover, he is a permanent practitioner of learning. In 2000, he acquired PhD of Consulting Psychology of Occupational Psychology Institute, California International University.