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Defeating his misery with mother love
      Chang Fang-Lan, female, born in 1961 in Taipei. She lost her three children in a murder case. So, she was eager to give birth again. With the help of the accoucheur, Dr. Yang Han-Ming, her oviduct was connected successfully. Then, Chang Fang-Lan gave birth to two male babies, and then a female baby on October 19, 1991. Dr. Yang Han-Ming said, he had witness the birth of countless lives in his 27-years experience, but this was the first time he was deeply moved by the mother lover--defeating the misery with great mother love.
      On the night of December 11, 1995, Chang Fang-Lan, her husband and three children (two daughters and a son) welcomed a friend in Wansheng Hotel operated by them in Changhua City. Unfortunately, a thief went into this Hotel secretly and then cruelly killed three children when he was discovered. Her husband, Chang Fang-Lan, was also wounded. Chang Fang-Lan was deeply shocked by this misery and almost on the verge of breakdown. In order to avert her mood, her husband and family encouraged her to give birth to some children again.
      Chang Fang-Lan has been married for years. For this reason, she and her husband went to the medical center in Taipei to undergo oviduct connection operation. But, 8 operations failed in two years. She had to return to Changhua for medical treatment. At the end of 1997, Dr. Yang Han-Ming finished this operation successfully. Then, she was pregnant and gave birth to a male infant in the next year, followed by a male and female infant. She realized her dream with great mother love.