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I still have knees, I want to walk all over the beautiful world
      Chen Po-An, male, born in 1989 in Taipei City, a student of Chih Kwang Vocational School. He made efforts to challenge the destiny under thoughtful attendance of his parents. As indicated in the verse of Chou Ta-Kuan: “I Still Have One Leg, I want to walk all over the beautiful world. “ Po-An also wanted to show his strong vital force--“I still have knees, I want to walk all over the beautiful world.“
      Po-An was born with deformed palm and feet but without thumbs, but he could write gracefully and even run! Po-An underwent several cardiac operations, but his wrist was strongest in his class with careful attendance of his parents.
      Po-An didn’t complain about his physical disability thanks to his parents and Master Cheng Yen. His mother often told him: “there are many disabled children in the world, Keep your chin up!”; Master Cheng Yen also said: “we have only the right of use, not ownership.“ He was very intelligent to adapt himself to the environment with a healthy mood.
      More importantly, Po-An learned earnestly and got along with others honestly. He was open-minded, kind-hearted and optimistic, and attended actively various learning activities such as ecological tests, owl theatre, sports and dancing competition, etc. He was once elected as monitor and vice monitor, etc, and also enthusiastic about various public interest activities. Moreover, he was a good student and behaved very well, and awarded many medals such as excellence prize, model student, special composition prize and excellent disabled student scholarship, etc.
      While he was elected as a hardcore of the class, the classmates often selected a female classmate to assist him in performing jobs. Besides, his classmate was nearby the elevator, and a lavatory for the disabled was arranged close to the classroom. 

      Po-An listened to the class absorbedly, and also followed the instruction of the teachers every time, or borrowed learning tools to the classmates forwardly, or shared his awards with the classmates.
      Po-An made good friends with the physicians and nurses when he was hospitalized, so he hoped that he could become a physician to help those who need help.