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Lighting the others with “Lighting Plan”
      Wang Chao-Hsi, male, born in 1973 in Taipei, the first touring blind tutor in Taiwan, and also the first pitcher attending the World Cup of the Blind’s Baseball Championship. He often shared his experience of visual impairment and psychological impairment---with all the blind; moreover, in collaboration with the team of Tamkang University, they developed a multi-functional teaching software--“Lighting Plan” for the blind students, and after trial and error, they hoped that the enterprises could give a helping hand to put this plan into operation for the benefit of the blind students.
      Chao-Hsi lost his eyesight due to an accident at his 5 years old. He still remembered what the physician told him at that time: “you will never see anything.“ What a cruel and helpless declaration like a death penalty! After returning home, he was deeply immersed in his own world, and blamed everything and everyone but not himself.
      One day, his mother told him: “my son! It’s time for you to go to school, you’re 10 years old now. I cannot accompany you all the way to the end.“ So, he started his schooling life. But, at the beginning, he had to face numerous sneers of his classmates. Sometimes, he wandered in the campus and stepped on the leaves like his broken heart.
      Thereafter, he learnt slowly how to tolerate insults under the encouragement and support of his mother and teachers. At grade four, he became strong in personal character and won respect with good performance. At the senior elementary school, he determined to become a teacher as he was deeply moved by his teachers.
      Then, he was admitted successfully to PanChiao Senior High School with best score. In the spare time, he served as a volunteer of philanthropic organizations with his strong points in harmonica playing and arts. Next, he was admitted to the History Department of Tamkang University with best performance. In the college life, he served as an assistant computer teacher for the blind in the Occupational Training Bureau, and also a seed computer trainer for the blind in TWACC, erecting a bridge of communication and employment for the blind.
      Now, he is the first touring blind tutor in Taiwan, who looks after the blind students from different environments, and assists them in reorientation and winning self-confidence--fostering their ambition, meeting the challenges and opening an window to the outside world for living a life of dignity.