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Building up life as the first MPS patient
      Lin Chih-Ho, male, born in 1982 in Ilan, graduated from Architectural Engineering Department, Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology, a holder of Class B and C architect certificates, the first MPS (mucopolysaecharidoses) architect in the world.
      Lin Chih-Ho was subjected to operation when he was just given birth. At 5 years old, he was diagnosed of MPSⅠ by physician Li Hsueh-Yu of Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. However, he faced such challenges bravely and optimistically, and achieved good performance from elementary school to university with strong spirit and willpower. Meanwhile, he exhibited his painting talent. Under the encouragement of his uncle--an architect, and teachers, he was graduated from Architecture Department of Luo Dong Seniou School and then Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology with good performance.
      He was never absent from any activity such as practice, field observation and research, etc, and also finished carefully his work, such as brickwork and wiring, etc. In addition, he didn’t dose away easily and worked diligently. Also, sport is his favorite.
      He often gave pictures during military training courses, and was elected as a monitor who encouraged the classmates to discuss fervently. Certainly, Lin Chih-Ho was obedient to his parents, and also lived a simple and economical life; when returning home at weekend or holiday, he printed his records of monthly expense to his parents.
      In over a dozen years, Lin Chih-Ho often encouraged his parents to face the challenges: generation and storage of MPS as well as pathological change from abnormal secretion--loss of hearing and eyesight, deformation of fingers and inconvenient movement and breathing, etc; however, he insisted on living normally without need of preferential treatment; with her parents’ thoughtful care and edification of teachers, he never complained everyone and everything, but tried to prove that every man has his gift.