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Living happily without annoyance
      Chang Chi-Ming, female, born in 1991 in Taipei City, graduated from Fu An Junior High School. She was diagnosed of “osteogenesis imperfecta”, so she was only 71cm high and 12.5kg. Both her feet and hands were vulnerable to fracture like glasses. But, she was the model student of Fu-An primary school for six consecutive years. She often took part in many arts competitions on behalf of her school and won championships.
      Chang Chi-Ming was hospitalized when she was given birth. She cried every night in the first year. So, she was sent to National Taiwan University Hospital, Cheng Hsing Hospital and Yang Ming Hospital and Cathay General Hospital for medical help. And finally, she was diagnosed of “osteogenesis imperfecta” in Taipei Veterans General Hospital. But, her soft voice and sweet smile made her family gratified, especially her loving mother.
      Chi-Ming’s father is a worker and her mother a part-time worker. In order to reduce the family burden, she moved carefully to avoid slip and tried to take care of herself independently. At 7 years old, she asked to go to school. Sometime, she told her mother: “sorry to make you so hard, mom”. She never asked for a day’s leave in 6 yeas, even when she had a high fever.
      One day after the class was over, Chi-Ming told her mother: “mom, as I grow up, I want to have a walk hand in hand with you”. Chi-Ming had never given up her dream and hope, just like her pictures.
      In the school, Chi-Ming is a monitor, so she helps the teacher write the teaching diary and also assists her classmates in the lessons. She is good at writing and painting, and sets herself an example to her classmates. She is an optimistic and open-minded girl who presents birthday cards every year to her family, teachers and classmates.