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Dancing with dignity and spreading love
      Hung Fei-Ling, female, born in 1982 in Pingtung County, graduated from Shu Te University. She lost her hearing at 4 years old due to a serious high fever. Gradually, she was not able to hear and speak though her parents made every effort to ask for medical help. In such case, she gave comfort to her parents to face the challenge. As a saying goes, “though a window is closed, the God opens another for her”.
      She was well trained for her hearing and talking ability under the thoughtful look after and encouragement of her teachers and classmates. Her parents thought that she must adapt herself to social competition and communicate with others. When recalling this experience, she expressed her thanks to her mother and others accompanying her in the course.
      Hung Fei-Ling was weak at her childhood, so she studied dance with her sister from six to fifteen years old. As demonstrated by an authority: dancing is beneficial to training of hearing. So, she could hear more clearly than the other deaf children when she put on the hearing aid.
      Hung Fei-Ling attended the International Talent Competition in 1994 on behalf of Taiwan, and won the good performance prize of dancing. She was also awarded with scholarship every year thanks to her good performance in abacus, mental arithmetic, Chinese/English typewriting. She also obtained Class C certificates of accounting and computer software applications. Moreover, she was a volunteer of charities to help those students with hearing problem, share the experience in life and live more progressively. She also served as the captain of a gesture language summer camp of ROC Shanhwe Association, and built up a platform bridging the gap between the healthy and disabled people while fostering more college students in this regard.