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Overcoming all problems with love
      Liu Wei-Cheng, male, born in 1975 in Taichung, the first graduate of cerebral palsy (graduated from IT Engineering Department of National Chung Cheng University), the first medical information computer engineer of cerebral palsy (now working in the Chiayi Christian Hospital’s medical treatment information computer room).
      His mother Liu Ming-Kun was a patient of intestinal cancer. He also had a brother Liu Po-Yu(now a physician of Taichung Veterans General Hospital). Wei-Cheng was suffered from high fever when he was given birth only about 10 days. Due to delay of medical treatment, he became a cerebral palsy patient, and couldn’t walk, run and talk until he was five years old.
      When his brother and some classmates played baseball, 7 years-old Wei-Cheng tried to play with them. But he failed, and felt so sad and cried loudly. He asked his mother: “why doesn’t the God let me walk? Why doesn’t the God select the others but me? I wish the God to cure me, I want to play.”
      There is a story in the Bible: when Jesus walked in a city, the disciples saw a blind and then asked Jesus: “what is his guilt? or his parents?”. Jesus told them: “they don’t have any guilt, but this shows the strong ability of the God.” That means, this is to reflect the different personal quality. Then, his mother bought a computer, which helped him spend his childhood and laid a strong basis.
      More importantly, he was a good student and behaved very well from elementary school to the university. He often moved the people around him with his optimistic and enterprising spirit. He was the first cerebral palsy patient who attended the entrance exam of senior high school. After that, he was admitted to Communication Engineering Department of National Chung Cheng University. With the support of the society, Wei-Cheng wrote a book about his experience and hoped to share his peace and joy with everyone.