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Finding the hope with dignity painting
      Chou Yu-Hsiang, male, born in 1983 in Taipei, an autistic who was graduated from Taipei City Ming Lin Senior High School. Hsiang-Hsiang held a personal painting exhibition in Zhen-Chuan Art Gallery at 10 years old. His painting had a pleasing balance of shape and color. When he was 16 years old, he was invited to attend Japanese International Arts Festival. In recent 10 years, Hsiang-Hsiang held seven exhibitions of oil paintings, calligraphy and pottery works, and donated the income to the societies of autistics.
      Hsiang-Hsiang’s oil paintings are abundant with characters, animals, flowers, still lives and natural landscape. With simple style of drawing and bright colors, he expressed his subtle soul and fun, and his paintings and pottery reflected a pure word.
      Yu-Hsiang exhibited his talent of painting when he was just a little boy. He could play with a pen and a paper for a whole day.
      When he was grade one at the elementary school, Mr. Chou sent Hsiang-Hsiang to a painting course, where Ke-Shufen was an oil painter studying from France. Ms. Ke liked him very well for his painting talent.
      Hsiang-Hsiang began to enter into the world of oil painting at 8 years old.
      Extraordinary concentration
      He wasn’t good at oral communication, but endowed with the temperament of art. He could express beautiful language of arts with color and painting pens.
      Hsiang-Hsiang expressed his soul by painting. A series of vivid works reflected his simple and smart nature, though he was an autistic child.
      “Many people think that Hisang-Hsiang is a lucky autistic child, because he has special talent of painting with broad space of arts. This isn’t wrong. But I want to emphasize that, this is attributable to the teachers and his extraordinary concentration and serious attitude”, said Mr. Chou.
      Hsiang-Hsiang could practice painting quietly and seriously. As an autistic child, his stubborn behavior was guided to a positive motivation of painting.
      “Hsiang-Hsiang is a gentle and docile boy, so the teachers like him very much. He shows 100% patience, for example, during painting exercises. When he finishes his work most quickly, the teacher may let him practice painting again. He is willing to do so. I think this is why he makes rapid progress.”
      Until now, he could sit for about 2 hours when he practiced writing of “Heart Mantra”.
      Yu-Hsiang was also covered by a newspaper in the headline: “a boy who likes painting cats”, of which the painting of “cats” gave people a deep impression.
      In a quiet night, a white cat jumped smartly across the roof under the dark sky dotted with a few stars. Some cats walk independently, or sleep on the roof leisurely, presenting a “mysterious tranquility”.
      “Hsiang-Hsiang’s inspiration is originated from observation. When opening the window, he could see a building of southern Fujian style. “Hsiang-Hsiang always stands here and observes the outer world. I don’t know what he’s doing until some cats are reflected in his painting”.
      Hsiang-Hsiang has an oil painting of “I will become a father!”. It is a photo of a penguin family. A lovely young penguin stands together with his parents.
      “In fact, the little penguin hasn’t been hatched when he began painting this picture. But, he had an impression from the coverage of TV”. Mr. Chou said.
      Hsiang-Hsiang was expert at collecting the painting materials, such as camel groups in Egypt and beautiful villages in Europe, etc.
      He was the youngest winner of “Golden Hawk” prize as an excellent disabled person.
      This prize aims to encourage and commend the disabled who have made great contributions to the society with excellent services. Hsiang-Hsiang also participated actively the public interest and charity activities in addition to his good performance in calligraphy.
      In the spring festival, Hsiang-Hsiang was invited by Taipei Government for writing “spring festival scrolls” and presenting to the visitors.