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Fighting the cancer with painting
      Lily Huang, female, born in 1993 in USA, died on August 18, 2002, a model student in grade two of Taipei City Li Hsing Elementary School. She was diagnosed of Wilms tumor at six years old, and subjected to three operations and five times of chemotherapy in three years. However, she underwent bravely every operation and medical treatment in spite of various symptoms, such as: fever, nausea, vomiting, bleeding, blood poisoning, inflammation of eyes and lack of taste, etc.
      Lily had the courage to make innovations from her childhood. She was also a tidy girl with self-discipline, and also visited many countries.
       Lily’s favorite is painting. She often sold her paintings for donation, or sent to her families, teachers and classmates, showing her kindness and honesty; with every possible painting elements and types, her paintings reflected her confidence of fighting the cancer with vital force and enthusiasm.
      In her short life, “we cannot decide the length of our life, but we can determine its abundance; we can not predict the danger of tomorrow, but we could make full use of today”. In particular, Lily’s parents Huang Yung-Hui and Tsai Su-Er sold some of her paintings to raise the funds of “e-network for cancer children”, thus bridging the gap of international medical information websites.
      As a whole, Lily’s efforts to fight cancer with painting reflect the modern value of life. Influenced deeply by her behavior, the evaluation committee of “2003 Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal”, Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation, granted in advance “6th Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal” to Lily on May 1, 2003, meanwhile “eternal dignity of life--Lily’s last love of life painting exhibition” was held. Taipei Bureau of Education informed the schools for holding outdoor teaching activities for love of life and opening an avenue for themselves, just like a song--“Snail” liked by Lily:
      Is it worthy for me to search for the blue sky while casting off the heavy shel 
      While the wind flies, I cannot feel the pain, 
      I want to climb up to wait for the sunlight on the face, 
      With big dreams under the small sky, the heavy shell covers the expectation, 
      I want to climb up and fly high on the leaves, 
      I will have my own sky in disregard of the tear and sweat.