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Fighting cancer with love
      Li Jung-Yin, female, born in 1954 in Taitung, a former employee of Texas Instrument, and also a model worker praised by Taitung County Government. She lived happily with her husband--Lai Yuan-De; her son--Lai Jun-Chao joined the reserve army after graduation from National Taiwan University, her daughter-Lai Pei-Ling studied in Taitung Teachers College. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed of cancer of left breast in March, 1991, and then admitted to Senior Supplementary School in September, 1991; after graduation with best performance in June, 1994, she was admitted to Taitung Vocational High School, and then graduated with best performance in June, 1997.
       Li Jung-Yin was diagnosed of cancer of right breast in March, 1992, which was transferred to uterus, ovary and cecum in mid-August, and then transferred to pelvis in November, 1996. After dozens of radiotherapies, she almost died of high fever due to absence of white blood cells, without mentioning her father’s death. However, as “every cloud has a silver lining”, she was revitalized from religious belief--converting herself to a Buddhist, and serving as a volunteer of the cancer sickrooms.
      With the transfer of cancer cells in the last decade, she was admitted to Taipei Veterans General Hospital for numerous radiotherapies, but she didn’t blame everyone and everything, and lived optimistically without any depression.