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Expanding her unlimited love
      Huang Li-Fen, female, born in 1932 in Lugang, Changhua, died in 2004. Graduated from Taipei Women’s Normal University, she was a fluent Japanese speaker and teacher; she resigned later for taking good care of 8 children until 1982, when she founded “ST. Lucy’s Home” and “Happy Family Service Association” against abortion; she devoted herself to her career without any government subsidy in the last two decades, and also fought the lung cancer in the last three years.
      Huang Li-Fen helped successfully 1,000 unmarried pregnant girls address the birth problems, and finished complex adoption procedures for their children, granting happiness to 1,000 families at home and abroad. As such, she was received and encouraged by Nobel peace winner--Madre Teresa and Pope John XXIII.
       As a founder of ST. Lucy’s Home, Huang Li-Fen believed that every baby was innocent, but a gift of the God. The facts in recent two decades prove that, the children could grow up smoothly and make great progress in a favorable and loving environment. And, no foster parents complained about their children, proving that postnatal cultivation and education is very crucial to their growth!
      Huang Li-Fen visited more than 30 countries, attended numerous international meetings and gave a lot of lectures in the campus and communities; she was praised as an excellent volunteer by Chiehshou Hall concert and a national model of mothers. She behaved properly and optimistically even at the later stage of lung cancer.
      Moreover, Li-Fen tried her best to raise funds of NT$500,000 every month with her selfless love and great willpower, and also hoped that somebody may give a helping hand for the sake of “ST. Lucy’s Home”.
      Since the founding of ST. Lucy’s Home in 1982, Li-Fen endeavored to protect properly the babies and help the misguided youth and girls by following the ancient sage--“Heaven exists because of its DE of loving life”. ST. Lucy’s Home is expected to celebrate its 20th anniversary on December 14, on the occasion of which many adopted children will “go home” from the U.S., Australia, Europe and Asia. For this reason, their photos were already printed on the cotton quilts, while their certificates, diplomas and works were collected in the file folders showing their happiness and love.