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Living by taking everyday as the last day
      Kuo Che-Wei, male, born in 1985 in Taipei City. He suffered from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) at 1 year old. Faced with this big challenge, he didn’t give up the hope of life, but learned hard and lived bravely with good look after of his parents, strong support of his brother and sister as well as the teachers and classmates. 

      He decided to search for the sunlight of his life by making progress actively with an enterprising spirit. He was graduated with best score from Fu De Elementary School, Hsing Ya Junior High School, Song Shan Senior High School, and then admitted to National Taiwan University with best performance. In the part time, he acted as a volunteer of Taipei Welfare Promotion Association for the Disabled, and helped patiently the disabled experience the music with soul and overcome the physical barriers.
       In the elementary school, he once fell off from his wheelchair and was hurt seriously on the face and mouth, and hospitalized for a period of time. After retuning to the school, Che-Wei didn’t complain his classmate, but told them how to look after the disabled, playing a positive role in boosting the education on love.
      During another public welfare activity, Che-Wei fell over from his wheelchair, and had to have an operation for his femur fracture. However, he just gave comfort to his parents and the physician. What’s courage And what’s calmness The answer is the behavior of Che-Wei.
      When Che-Wei attended an athletic meeting of the disabled on behalf of his school, he fell over again from his father’s hands in the course of wheelchair running competition. But, Che-Wei didn’t blame his father, and gave comfort to him by making a kid: what can I do since I forget what I’ve remembered for the examination
      On August 4, 2001, he was awarded the scholarship of the Garden of Hope Foundation, but then donated to the victims of “Toraji” typhoon, which moved the teaching staff and students of Song Shan Senior High School for a series of charity activities.
      According to the medical records, most of DMD patients passed away at adolescence. In such case, Che-Wei didn’t give in, but took every opportunity to attend the public interest activities along with his parents. Meanwhile, he served as a volunteer and taught the little kids how to play flute, weave grass mats and live positively and happily.